Sexual Health » Sex Ed, Safer Sex: "So, what's so bad about phthalates, anyway?"

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So, what's so bad about phthalates, anyway?

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Before coming to EdenFantasys, I was left in the dark about all things related to sex toys. I didn't know anything about what materials the toys were made of, what phthalates were, or why some materials are better and safer for the body than other materials are.


Contributor: Harlequin

Thanks for the article. I too had no idea! I am now going to be checking everything I buy and put on my body!

Contributor: Undecided

Thanks for the article I never really knew about all the dangers of some materials til I got on EF myself.

Contributor: kitty91

wow great article! i never really check the ingredients when buying stuff! im going to be more concious from now on!

Contributor: Chefbriapink

Thanks for the article. Safe materials-safer sex ) Happy Journeys

Contributor: Nymeria

I never knew what phtalates were until I read your article. (Or, I had a vague idea, butnot much beyond it.) Great article!

Contributor: Wicked Wahine

You did a good job explaining the science in this matter so that most people can understand it, thanks!



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