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My name is Kat, and I’m bisexual.

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I don’t know what changed, but in 2005, I decided that even if I couldn’t come out to my family, I had to come out to someone. I had to try it out. I had to say the words, at least.

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Contributor: phoenixfiress

I would have to say coming from another way of being raised no it is never easy that struggle of agreeing with your self. I myself struggled with the thought of my bisexuality, I feel for you when I read your post I can feel the strain you still have with the thought of it. It is sad when ones own parents wont accept them for who they really are and I wish they would for you.

Contributor: ErinORiordan

I feel ya, Kat. I remember thinking, "I'm probably just a normal straight girl who happens to want Beckee from my Spanish class." "Bisexual" meant Freddie Mercury - guys in leather with mustaches. Then I cracked open a Psychology textbook and read a definition of "bisexual." I had to say, "OK, well, I'm that." It took a while to accept that I could fall into a category of "alternative" sexuality (Catholic background too), but eventually I came to be cool with my sexual preference being consenting adults over the age of 18.

Contributor: peachmarie

I appreciate that these things can be difficult for people, perhaps it's my age, I'm 23 and I'm attracted to so many people! Men and women, i find them both attractive! I have several gay friends and they all know I'm attracted to both sexes. I've even made offhand comments to my family about being attracted to women or how i would totally drop any man to date Emily browning. But i think my favorite comment by my mom was when my best friend who was a lesbian was moving away and was sleeping over before she left, my mom cautioned us not to "fool around" and i laughed and told her if we were going to we would have had plenty of chances in the six years we'd been friends. I am one of those people who would love anyone for who they were and expect the same out of my family and friends, they may not be happy if i show up one day with a girl but they will still love me, and for that i am fortunate. I just hate seeing people hide who they are because of fear of rejection or scorn, if they love you they will get over it, and if they can't then at least you were true to yourself.