Sex & Society » Lgbt, Acceptance, Sex positivity: "SexBeat: The Rise of Male Bisexual Chic"
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SexBeat: The Rise of Male Bisexual Chic

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Whether it’s coming from the mainstream or the gay community itself, that aphorism: “bisexuality is just a layover on the way to gay-town” has been slow to disappear. As more bi men come out — and more straight men experiment with kissing their friends, is male bi-phobia finally on the way out?


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Contributor: oldman

Why have labels? If you are in a monogomous relationship, you owe it to your partner not to step out. You are who you are with. I don't believe in a sexual relationship with more than one person at a time.

Contributor: LicentiouslyYours

I think the question of having labels has absolutely nothing to do with having a monogamous relationship or not. The obvious answer to the relationship you're trying to forge between the two is that not everybody is in a monogamous relationship (by the choice of both partners involved), or a relationship at all, for that matter — therefore indicating sexual preference based on the gender of your current partner is not at all practical. Do you not think it would be helpful to have an accurate idea of someone's sexual preferences when searching for new relationship?

Contributor: Rachel Rabbit White

I think the bisexual label is important in a world where bisexuals are erased! And especially male bisexuals. To me, the bisexual label is about visibility.