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The Appetites Project: Bananas

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The humble banana has been the butt of many sexual jokes, but who says sex—or the meal in advance of it—has to be serious? Or that bananas can’t be classy? Bananas really can shine in the starring role of your date-night nibbles, no matter what mood you prefer. (It’ll even work if your date is with your hand or your Hitachi.)

  The Classy

The epitome of the classy banana dish is, of course, Bananas Foster. The bananas are cooked in a sweet rum sauce and set on fire, then served over ice cream. Classy? Yes. Potentially dangerous if you’re in a muzzy post-coital state? Definitely.

This is not a dish you want to try for the first time in a high-pressure date situation, or when you’re all jacked up on post-orgasmic bliss, but if you’re willing to plan ahead and give the recipe a try a couple of times before the big night, it can be very rewarding. (Besides, trying the recipe beforehand means you get to taste-test it.) If this is a little too much work or you’re looking for something quicker, caramelized bananas are easy to make and share much of Bananas Foster’s sexy texture and taste.

You can do this as simply as sautéeing quartered bananas in butter and brown sugar, or you can fancy it up with rum or vanilla beans. Rather than thinking of caramelized bananas as the low-rent Bananas Foster, think of it as a more flexible version: It can be non-alcoholic, lower in fat, contain less sugar, or be infused with favorite flavors depending on the desires of the partners.

  The Plain

Bananas are a great source of energy between rounds, or for those times when you need a little pick-me-up so that you can get frisky before dinner. And there’s absolutely no reason why you should consider the old “Here I am deep-throating a banana” joke off-limits. If it suits your humor and that of your partner(s), go for it! Liven up lunch together with a little naughty nibbling.

By the way, there isn’t any reason why you can’t enjoy all of the above in a non-partnered sex life if that’s where you’re at. The joy of decorating a sexually themed dessert, tasting a sensually seasoned dish, or working six inches of fruit down your throat doesn’t have to be shared to be enjoyed. Bananas are good for you, and so is celebrating your sexuality, whatever it may be!


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Contributor: Tart

I love bananas! I eat about 2-3 a day!

Contributor: DancerNlove

This is a good idea.

Contributor: Teacookie

peel banna and dip into a tempura batter (mixed with coconut flakes). Fry tell golden, add vanilla icecream

Contributor: dsumrow1