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Erectile Dysfunction... Sweet!
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ED has a lot of possible causes, and you can spend a fortune on drugs and doctors trying to figure out what they are. Or, you could just stop using artificial sugar substitutes. There’s a libido-killer in your larder, and you need to get it out.


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Contributor: Sammi

I found out I was sensitive/allergic to/being poisoned by aspartame similar to how you did - trips to the doctor, being told the symptoms I was having might be lupus or MS, and then a friend cluing me in. It took me a long time to get clean, but even after a few weeks off, my symptoms began to disappear. I've stayed away from it now for years, and I've never felt better. I think it's worth getting off of for anyone, and if it helps reverse ED as well, even more reason for men to give giving it up a shot!

Contributor: K101

Very informative article! I loved this. Thank you for sharing. Aspartame is one thing I haven't been closely checking like I have other ingredients. Your article is a big kick in the butt for me.



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