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Just How Tough IS It, Being a Straight Guy?

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Oh, the plight of the poor, straight male! “Pity me,” he cries, “for the weight of my entitlement is mighty, and I am weary from too much testosterone.” Wait … What’s that sound we hear? Why it’s the world’s tiniest violin… playing just for you.


Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust

LOL The old spice guy scares me d=

But this is such a funny read

Contributor: The Beautiful Kind

I like a man who oozes testosterone, all right. Straight guys are funny.

Contributor: Victoria

The mention of going to a dentist made me laugh - OMG if guys only knew how often people notice bad teeth and bad breath!

Contributor: Jeff Schult

Thanks, Adriana.

And Victoria, you're so right ... I got my teeth "fixed" years ago and it changed my life.



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