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Gendered Technology: Sex Toys and the Perpetuation of Feminine/Masculine Ideals
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On, a search of the word “pink” yields 48 pages of content while a similar search of the word “blue” only produces 26. Traditional gendered ideals are upheld not in the functionality of sex objects, women’s toys are insertable while men’s come in the shape of disembodied torsos and vaginas, but even in their color and design.


Contributor: edeneve

very interesting article. I'm curious to know what sparked your interest in this topic.

Contributor: Soulsekrou


Contributor: dooboige

Thanks for this Katelyn. I have frequently complained, in some of my own reviews, about the fact that the very same toy will often be sold, even here, in a "women's" version and a "men's" version, and the only difference between them will be the name and the color, both of which play to gender stereotypes. It would be nice if Eden, at least, would resist this, and simply have one listing for all the color variations.

Contributor: Wicked Wahine

Just an all around beautifully written article, better than many I have read on Sexis and I look forward to reading more from you!

This is such a great topic & something that a smart marketing team should jump on sooner, rather than later. I think the sellers, (manufacturer's as well as stores), are underestimating the marketplace & what would be well received. Just because something has been done a certain way for a long time, does not mean it should stay that way! Just from reading the opinions frequently expressed on Eden, I can say that the colors offered by most manufacturers are not in line with what people would like to see available, not to mention the designs! You make very persuasive arguments & I hope that some of these changes will start to come about in the next few years. Thanks again for such a thought provoking article!

(BTW, I agree with dooboige, in the above comment, it would be nice to have them centralized with all the color options, even if the manufacturer packaged them for different users.)



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