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Pejazzling — Gilding the Willie?

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Contributor: Brendada

Good to know I will never be called "fancy pants" in Florida as I try to never wear close-toed shoes. This is hilarius- LOVE it!

Contributor: SuzieHeumann

Pehancing, unlike pejazzling, is ancient. For many thousands of years men have added 'extras' on and in their love thunderbolts. There is a bit of explanation in the Kama Sutra about the series of increasingly larger balls (some of these jingled pleasantly) that could be added for extra female pleasure under the pierced skin of the erotically enhanced male. They probably increased his pleasure too.
These add-ins could be all sorts of shapes and sizes and could be removed at will. Their best use was probably to stimulate the G-spot and several placed in a row might have increased the pleasure simultaneously of both the G-spot and clitoris.
I'm surprised that we don't hear more about these inserts today. Seems like a much better fad to start.

Contributor: Rain.

I doubt this will go anywhere but still its sad that we have to "beautify" our genitals like this.