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Losing Your Libido At 35

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I hear people complaining about becoming 40 all the time. Hell, they made a movie about it for God's sake. I'm not 40 yet, but I still feel the strain of my libido slipping away. I feel the urge for sex slowly fading. My energy is not there. I'm here to tell you turning 35 kind of sucks! However, it doesn't have to.

  The Strain

It's a hard fact to take but men’s testosterone levels drop 1% every year in there mid 30's. It robs us of muscle mass and sexual libido. The older you get the more testosterone you lose. Simple math. We also know that there are truckloads of miracle pills out there that claim to restore lost testosterone. Nine times out of ten this will simply drain you of not only your testosterone, but your wallet as well. A doctor can easily check your testosterone levels and see if a prescription is right for you. I would highly suggest the latter rather than pumping your body with over the counter remedies. These pills can often spin a huge web of side effects, some of them being long term. So please take extreme caution and consult with a doctor before doing anything hasty.

There is an alternative though. It may not be easy as taking a pill or receiving a shot but it works just the same. I read up on this problem and one constant always stuck out. Many doctors and medical journals suggest a change in diet and exercise may help increase libido. That coupled with a good night’s rest should help you see results over time as long as you stick with it. So, me being a little more than weary of hospitals and the lot, I decided to try this solution on for size in the beginning of September

  The Pain

I started as easy as you please. I simply cut out my fast food lunches and replaced them with a variety of vegetables and fruits. At first my body rejected this new change and I longed for a greasy cheese burger and some fries. However, as the weeks went by it started to become a routine. I started noticing that the pounds were falling off. This gave me a sense of pride and frankly I was glad to see my “beer gut” dwindle.

Oh, that’s another huge thing I cut back on: drinking beer. I swear, that alone lost me 5 pounds. You have to look at it like this: beer is liquid bread. You drink a six pack and you just devoured a loaf and a half of bread. Hopefully you see my point.

In a couple of months I went from 210 to 195. I also felt this spark starting to come back. This extra spring in my step. At first I thought it was all in my head until I decided to start exercising more.

Now when I say exercise more, I really mean just exercise. You see, I haven't done any types of work outs since high school I think. I just never saw the point. So needless to say, working out for me was a hell of a lot harder than cutting back on beer and fast food.

I started off as slow as I could, mainly not to kill myself. I just worked out to one of my wife’s “Boot camp' videos. I quickly found out the hard way just how out of shape I was. I couldn't go 10 minutes. By the end of the first day I had a new found respect for my wife. Seriously, that shit is hard.

Anyways I stuck with it. I pushed myself to make it to 20 minutes, then 30 and so on and so on. Now, this is called building stamina. Trust me when I say this: this, my friends, comes in very handy in the bedroom. Once you discover that, your libido is through the damn roof.

Being able to keep up with your own partner’s sexual drive is great. Being able to push it over the top is utter magic. This drove me forward to work out harder and longer. Before I knew it I felt reborn, as cheesy as it may sound.

  The Gain

I know most people will read this and say “I can't do that.” Trust me, just try it for a month. Just cut out all the crap you eat in a day and start pushing yourself to work out. By the end of 30 days you'll start to feel the difference and the clock will start to roll back. I honestly didn't think it would make a difference, but I'm here to tell you it does.

You will notice the fire start to rekindle inside of you. Your partner will surely notice once it's back. That's motivation enough for me to keep going. Whatever helps motivate me, I'm going to do it. I have been at it for a few months now. I lost well over 20 pounds. I feel great and our sex has improved tenfold. So, please do me a favor and give this a chance before you pick up the phone and call that 800 number. Besides, changing your way of life is free.


Great Article and good for you. If I give you my husbands phone number can you come take him out for a walk and tell him that it works. See then the info wouldn't be coming from me. Take care and keep up the good work.


Awesome article


Wow, good for you! Your story is very inspiring! My guy is 43 and had a very high sex drive when we met 3 years ago, but I do get paranoid it is slipping a little but over all because mental or physical stress will affect him a lot, and the lack of exercise doesn't help. Your success story is something he should read to help inspire him to stay healthy....for himself as well as for my evil ploy to keep his sex drive as high as mine, hee hee.



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