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You were jealous!
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My boyfriend thought I was obsessed with a sex site until he saw the benefits that EdenFantasys brought into our bedroom. I had to reel him in with lingerie before I introduced a sex toy. The toy of my dreams became his nightmare. At first, he liked it, but then he decided that I was addicted to it! It was a shock to me that not all men enjoy the idea of having an extra tool in the bedroom.


Contributor: Silverdrop

Wow! You're well rid of him! I was in a relationship once where I was made to feel ashamed for masturbating, but never again! My body, my pleasure, my choice. Now I have a bf who loves my toys and the only jealousy he has is that there isn't as much selection for toys for men as there are for women!

Contributor: swede66

It wasn't my fault that I found something that my body absolutely got a rise out of other than him. No but getting addicted to it and let it become Nr 1 for you was your fault. When the vibrator becomes the sex, youv got isues. I just wonder how you would feel if hi bringed a Vibrating fleshlight every time you have sex. And also use it like you did on every time you think off. Wouldnt you start to feel left out beeing lonly in the relation if you new you arent N1 anymoore? You simply replased him whit a vibe and you cant see the problem in that. Bc its a win situation for you.



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