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Men: Don't Feel Worried About Your Woman's New Sex Toy
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Many men feel anxious and uncomfortable when their woman gets a toy. I am here to tell them why they shouldn't feel that way.



Great article! I'm sharing to facebook for my friend who's boyfriend is shy, panic ridden over toys and such things. Thank you!


I am glad you like it. Thanks for your support


great article! thanks


Amazing Article Thank you


Thank you so much! This helped my boyfriend become more comfortable with the idea of using sex toys both together and alone. Wonderfully written article.


My girlfriend just purchased a glass g-spot toy and the first time we used it as "foreplay", it became the main event. She literally lost her mind due to the extreme orgasms. Good for her. Bad for me. She paid zero attention to giving me ANY pleasure and was content to just lay on her back and keep cumming. She told me later she felt like she lost all ability to focus or think.

Could I have stopped and told her to blow me? Yes. But I REALLY do love to pleasure my girlfriend and would have felt like a selfish jerk if I stopped.

There are SO many toys that give women pleasure and are quick and easy to use - unlike an anal toy for men - that in my limited experience, toys turn foreplay and even sex into an "all about her pleasure" event.

I understand that for many women, this is the only way to experience an orgasm but my gf is multi-orgasmic - both from clitoral stimulation and penetration (with my penis and not a toy). I don't want to deny anyone pleasure. Not even myself. But for me, the envy comes from the fact that with each new toy, there's less and less focus on good old fashioned foreplay with hands and tongue, as well as good old fashioned grab my ass, look deep into my eyes love making.

Maybe I'm too new to this and too inexperienced to know how to incorporate toys "properly". Time will tell.

Women, sometimes it's not just because your dildo is two to three inches longer and thicker that we get jealous. Don't forget the guys pleasure. And not all guys like butt play which eliminates much of the toy joy for men. A buzzing cock ring is no match for a warm wet tongue.



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