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Advocating Circumcision

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In recent years, the American tide has turned against circumcision. "Inactivists" speak out against what they call an unpunished form of genital mutilation and more and more states health coverage is refusing to cover the procedure. Yet, inn all the discussions of the negative side effects, these inactivists often gloss over the pro's of circumcision.


"Male circumcision however leads to a DECLINE in infections and STD's."

Yeah, I'm calling bullshit on that one. I come from Europe, where circumcision is extremely rare, and you'll find our STD rates are VASTLY lower than in America, where up to 80% of men are circumcised at birth.

All the studies used to justify circumcision are EXTREMELY suspect and mostly advocated by the medical industry, which supports the practice because it's EXTREMELY profitable.

I applaud SexIs for allowing a "pro-circumcision" argument to be presented; but I have no qualms about shooting it down as totally devoid of facts and ethics.



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