Sexual Health » Safer Sex, STIs / STDs, Sex Ed: "Where in the world are the dental dams!?"

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Where in the world are the dental dams!?

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Condoms have become standard practice in sexual education, but dental dams remain something rarely discussed. Why is it that sex education is so often told through old fashioned terms?


Contributor: GirlOnGirl

The fact is that most people still think sex equals penis in vagina intercourse, oral sex equals fellatio, performed by a female of course, and that glbtq equals gay male. I'm shocked how many people that consider themselves sexually progressive still see things in this way. Thanks for pointing out how this type of closed minded thinking can and does have real life consequences.

Contributor: nrankin

The first time I ever heard about dental dams was in my freshman year of college. My friend won a bag of condoms from health services and there were a few dental dams tossed in as well. No one knew what they were or what they were for and when she read the instructions she screamed that they were disgusting.



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