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Nice Guys Finish Last: A Young Man's Perspective

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Here I will take a humorous outlook on this myth, what I've seen it do, and why it sucks.


Hmm...I think "nice" is ambiguous. I want a man to treat me with respect, but I want a man with a spine, too. And there's a lot more to a man that makes him interesting than just being "nice." I think a lot of women are attracted to bad boys because they are intriguing. They play by their own rules, they do what they want, etc. Not that they're disrespectful to women or treat her with disdain. We actually don't want that. We don't just want cuddly teddy bear men a lot of the times, either, because that's boring. And we want to be pursued, which takes a certain degree of aggression. Passion is aggressive, not passive, and we want a man to be passionate about us. I think the assumption that women want either good or bad, black or white, this or that, is really overly simplistic, and that's where the misunderstanding lies.

But in general, the "nice guys finish last" saying is something you see applied outside of romance and relationships, and it basically suggests (also simplistically, I think) that you have to be cutthroat all the time in order to get what you want, that niceness gets taken advantage of, and so the nice guys always are the last to get what they want and they never win. I think that too is a matter of perspective. If you want to lie, cheat and steal in the business world or in politics, you can go a long way. A good conman is good at what he does and making the successful con, because he is not a nice guy. However, if you value your conscience and you value the things you gain from not being a conman who has left pain and destruction in his wake, then you'll get that reputation and the respect that such a reputations deserves. If there's confidence in your niceness, if there is sincerity, and there's something more behind it than "I'm trying to pick up chicks" or "I'm trying to prove how awesome I am," then that will become apparent...and women like confidence and a man who knows what he wants.

That's my take, anyway.


Loved this! What a great article and I really admire your attitude. I totally agree with you -- not true that nice guys finish last. Ahem, let us just take a good look at my partner, Mr. nice guy! Lol. Really, this was one of the very few articles I enjoy reading! Great advice and humor too, I'm so sharing this on FB!


My husband is what you would consider a "nice" guy and believe me he has never been "last" in my books


Mr is very nice...and to get season with makes Mrs very naughty.

But seriously...treating your mate/date well is always a good thing.




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