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Masturbation: It is Perfectly Fine!
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Flicking your bean, flogging the dolphin, jerking the gherkin...Whatever you call it, it is perfectly safe. It's also healthy!

  Masturbation Statistics Infographic (Courtesy of

Masturbation Infographic

As you can see in the graphic, masturbation is more common than anyone wants to talk about. Chances are, someone you know is playing with themselves somewhere...and that is great. Just because you don't want to think about different people masturbating doesn't mean that it is wrong or dirty.

  How To Masturbate

If you have no idea how to masturbate or think you are doing it wrong, have no fear. There is no set way to do it, and it is up to you to find what works best for you. Start with a hand and touch/caress/play with your genitals. If you need mental stimulation to get things going, throw on some porn, find a sex story online, or think about something that makes you particularly horny.

If you feel weird physically touching yourself, consider looking into sex toys. Eden Fantasys has just about everything your heart could ever desire, and there are products for women and men.

Men, you heard right. Women are not the only ones who can use sex toys. I recommend them for guys, because instead of worrying whether or not that cute girl at the bar has can go home and take care of yourself. No call nine months down the road because the condom broke (You did use one right?!?!?), no visit to the clinic because you are worried about a new bump or rash. Consider buying yourself something. Get over the societal stigma that men who use toys are perverts. Men who are willing to take care of their own sexual needs and not risk the spread of disease or unwanted pregnancies should be praised!

  In Closing

Masturbation is healthy, can be very enjoyable, and is certainly okay! Embrace your sexuality, but do it carefully. You've been given the gift of working sexual organs that you can use any time you see fit (whether for the release of sexual tension, to relieve stress, or just out of boredom). Use it to your advantage. A lover who knows their body well is a better lover than one who doesn't!

Remember: Sex isn't nasty, and neither is taking your own sexual needs into your own hands (no pun intended). Don't worry what the world might think, just do it.


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Love the infographics


Thank you. I'm about to make a few of my own.


I don't really understand why there seems to be a double standard for sex toys. Men deserve their toys too! Great article!


Thank you Kenzie. It's absolutely ridiculous that there is a double standard when it comes to toy use.


I agree kenzie, Everyone should be able to enjoy sex toys. Masturbation is wonderful Great article!


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Very good article.


Great infographic! The auto-erotic asphyxiation stat blew me away!


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