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Israeli Ban of Ultra Skinny/Unrealistic Models

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Learn more about the Israeli ban on models and image editing encouraging unhealthy ideals.

  Thoughts On The Issue

What is your opinion on these actions and recommendations? Is it a positive move toward health, or just more body shaming at the opposite end of the spectrum? Do you think things could be handled better?

Obviously, the eating disorders and low self-esteem need to be addressed. Is there a way to do so, without body shaming those who simply cannot gain weight?

Can this be fixed by government imposed bans, and if not, what measures as a society must we take to remedy the health problems while increasing body positivity?


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Contributor: KissTheSkyBaby

A great article on a tough subject. Especially since as you said, so much is self regulated. I'm glad the big shows are behind improving self image and not putting anorexia and overly skinny appearance in the spot light but I'm not sure I think banning is the answer. Like you said not all people can gain weight and there are health issues for some that prevent it. I think the biggest thing needed is information. Young people are being so brainwashed by it all and self image of todays youth is really in a scary place.

Contributor: 7Miles

This makes me happy. It seems like a move in the right direction. There's a whole spectrum of beautiful body types and it would be great to see them in the media.



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