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  • They Finally erotic short story

    This is a short fantasy of mine that I don't mind sharing with the community. Just a little erotic bed time story. Hope you enjoy...

  • My first experiences at nudist resorts

    I've been to several different places that allowed nudity and it always ends up being sad to have to go back to wearing clothing after a while.

  • Road Head!

    A lighthearted guide to how not to do something you should never contemplate doing.

  • My Favorite Outdoor Location

    I’ve recently rediscovered the fun from having sex outdoors can be. When I was a teenager, this was an ordinary occurrence, but as I grew older and became married sneaking around like a couple teenagers wasn’t a necessity anymore.

  • Confessions of a Stripper: How it all began.

    With the days of the Red Light District long gone, the back bone of the sexual atmosphere in the French Quarter is the Exotic Dancers who fill its numerous clubs. Over a hundred Ladies of all ages and back grounds work every night year around to entertain the tourists.

  • Long Distance Love: Sex Without Contact

    Do you remember the first time you spent an extended period of time away from your partner? How do you maintain intimacy when you're thousands of miles apart?

  • A brief history and cultural lessons of sex in China... a Woman's point of view

    Ever wonder what how the "traditional" Chinese woman views sex? Ever wonder what her family and friends and school, and society and government view sexuality from a woman's point of view? Well, now's your chance. And outsiders view looking into the world of traditional China.

  • Hamburger Mary’s: The Gay-Friendly Restaurant Franchise You’ve Never Heard Of

    Ever wonder what a LGBT- AND family-friendly burger joint would look like? Hamburger Mary’s is the answer.

  • Topless Protesters in Kiev Oppose Sex Tourism

    Group wants soccer association to raise awareness, educate fans ... or else.

  • Ryanair CEO Hints at In-Flight Porn Options

    As porn-friendly as we are, we're not sure we want to see it on airplanes.

  • Hidden Dungeon of New York: Iron Bell Academy

    Just a stone’s throw and a short town car ride away from the Upper East Side, hides an elegant gem of a kinky pleasure retreat called The Iron Bell Academy. It’s a private membership based dungeon society catering to the aesthetically rigorous bondage and BDSM aficionado.

  • The Naughty Side of Sydney

    Sydney Australia – A world class city, with gorgeous beaches, beautiful people, and brilliant food. But there’s more to this city than what the guidebooks share. If you want to take the time to go find the naughty side of Sydney, it’s there for the taking. Nude beaches? SM parties? Cruise bars? Swingers clubs? Wacky drag queens and drag kings? Legal brothels? They’ve got it!

  • Gay Tripping, Part 2

    We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’d Like A King Beachview, Please

  • Gay Tripping — Part 1

    Gay resort chains are nothing new abroad, but what about closer to home? As the tendrils of marriage equality take root and the gay community continues its slow, measured march toward ubiquity, are LGBT hotels becoming just another no-big-deal niche in the travel industry?

  • Sexual Tourism: An International Tour of Spring Fertility Festivals

    Perhaps it’s a cliché, but it‘s eternally true: springtime brings thoughts of new life, birth, and evidence of sexual reproduction. As real chicks hatch from birds’ nests, we eat sugar-coated marshmallow chicks delivered by a mythical bunny (and we all know what bunnies like to do in their spare time).

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