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The Naughty Side of Sydney

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Sydney Australia – A world class city, with gorgeous beaches, beautiful people, and brilliant food. But there’s more to this city than what the guidebooks share. If you want to take the time to go find the naughty side of Sydney, it’s there for the taking. Nude beaches? SM parties? Cruise bars? Swingers clubs? Wacky drag queens and drag kings? Legal brothels? They’ve got it!

  Your Kinky Visitor's Guide

Once you’ve had your Uber tour and got your kink on, head out to town to explore!

Fetish nightclub:
Hell Fire: with tons of wacky performances and sexy freaks.

Maxx Black: Women and couples oriented toys and pervy clothes with friendly staff. It’s a great place to pick up event flyers.

Sax Leather: Leather boy shop that’s friendly to gals too!

Funky places to hang out:
Newtown. Eclectic artsy community with plenty of gay and lesbian presence. Great food. Quirky design and indie shops abound, including many Goth designers.

Swingers clubs:
Couples Club
Sin Sity

Gay sex club:
Ken’s at Kensington Traditional cruise house for the boys.

Queer & Drag fun:
The Imperial Hotel
A fun night out with special shows. The Imperial became famous for the opening scene of Pricilla Queen of the Desert. The characters in the movie were based on the real Queens here.

Queer Women, Lesbians & Dykes:
Check out the cabaret nights at the Sly Fox, organized by the lovely performance couple “Fancy Piece”

Event Resources and Magazines:
Sydney Leather Pride Association
LOTL Magazine (Lesbian On The Loose)
SX Magazine & Gay News Network. Glossy boys mag.
Sydney Star Observer. Gay mag

Mardi Gra:
The legendary huge rainbow party. Known as a two week party and fuck fest. Annual event starting the last weeks of February through early March.

Nude Beaches:
- Three legal clothing optional beaches: Lady Bay (aka Lady Jane), Obelisk, Cobblers
- Coogee Bath: Women’s salt water pool and beach. Clothing optional for women only.

Other useful visitor tips:
- Brothels or sex on premissis venues are legal! They can still be deliciously seedy, but they’re not being chased down by the police
- The locals are called “Sydneysiders”
- “Salties” are dangerous salt water crocodiles. They don’t live in Sydney.

Dangers of Drop Bears:
According to Paul, the incidences of Drop Bear attacks vary by the weather. “Depends on whether we’ve had rain or not. If it’s wet the attacks tends to go up slightly. They don’t like getting wet so they’ll drop and steal your coat. If it’s dry, they will drop on your head and steal your sunscreen.”

Speaking of sunscreen… Here’s a confession from Dee
The funniest thing you get to see around Christmas is English people (“Poms”) straight off the plane, go straight to Bondi beach, lie down, fall asleep with jet lag, and come out looking like a cooked lobster. What’s funny is if you write something on their back with sunscreen… oh, not that we’d ever do that!

Sydney beaches are phenomenal. It’s a major city that’s 15 minutes from the CBD (Central Business District) to a world class beach.

Last word from Dee and Paul: “If you’re coming over, drop us a line and we’ll put you in the right direction!”


Contributor: sarababe

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