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  • VlogBrothers: Human Sexuality is Complicated

    With Valentine coming we ask ourselves all these questions about love. And because internet is huge it is possible to find some answers to your questions. That's why in this channel we are posting some useful, funny, explanatory information about love that we stumbled upon. We hope you will enjoy it!

  • The Monosexual’s Guide to Dating Someone Flexible

    There are many of us who identify as queer, bisexual, pansexual, or other identities that are flexible in the sex and gender of our partners. This is often difficult to understand for people who are not flexible, whether they are gay or straight. This is a guide for monosexual (cliff notes version: someone who is either straight or gay) partners of sexually flexible people to be a better partner to those of us with these unique identities.

  • Medicalizing Queer Identities

    How does the medicalized discourse surrounding queer identities shape the way that queer people are represented? Is this better or worse for the individual experience? Medicalizing a cultural notion, such a sexual identity, a construct that exists in only certain socio-political arenas, works to harm individuals more than empower them. Rather than embrace sexuality and trans*gender expression, our society's language is framing queerness as similar to a disease.

  • What appealing DADT didn't do

    What we forgot when President Obama repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell.

  • Gendered Technology: Sex Toys and the Perpetuation of Feminine/Masculine Ideals

    On, a search of the word “pink” yields 48 pages of content while a similar search of the word “blue” only produces 26. Traditional gendered ideals are upheld not in the functionality of sex objects, women’s toys are insertable while men’s come in the shape of disembodied torsos and vaginas, but even in their color and design.

  • Boy, Girl, or Both?...Part 2

    In my last article, the topic of intersexuality was broached with a brief description of the term and its various conditions. In this article, I will explore the issues intersexuals are facing today, along with the strides they have made in the past century. I will be exploring one man’s experiences growing up as intersexual, along with our medical, cultural, and religious views on the topic. Read on for more.

  • Transitioning to Male (Naturally), and the Adventures Along the Way.

    Have you ever wondered why some transguys "pass" so much better than others? Well, here are my tips for how you can confidently walk into any place and be seen as male, all before starting hormones.

  • Not All Our Women Are in Refrigerators: Sex Positivism in American Comics

    Comics have undergone a revolution in the last ten years. A new era of creativity is flourishing and with it, new ideas are flowing. Not only are all sorts of issues being tackled in refreshing ways, sexism and caricatured ideas about sex are being challenged.

  • Pregnancy and Trans People

    When you say, "Should the father have a say in the pregnancy?" what do you mean by "father" and do you mean it cis-sexistly? What about trans* people?

  • Asexuality

    In a world full of sex (this site!), an unrecognized portion of the population identifies as asexual. In all ways, they are normal, well-adjusted people, yet profess no interest in sexual acts. All they want is to be understood.

  • The Tale of a Lesbian Lolita

    Being a Lolita is tricky enough. Combining an alternate sexuality with that can sometimes make your peers give you some pretty odd looks!

  • Cis People, Read This If You Plan on Dating Someone Who Is Trans* or Queer

    Are you cis and dating or considering dating a person who is trans* or queer and you're not sure how to handle the relationship? Even if you don't feel very sure, being in a relationship with someone who's trans* or queer can be a pretty complicated thing, because they may actively question things you otherwise don't. So read on, even if you're feeling confident that you can handle the relationship, because trust me, even if you think you know it all, you don't!

  • America Should Vouch for Gay Marriage.

    Gay marriage won't be legal in all 50 states until 2024 at the earliest. What if there was a way for gay people to get married in any state, while keeping it convoluted and maintaining gays as second class citizens? That's what marriage vouchers can do!

  • Define This: Pansexual

    It may not be what you think. Learn more here.

  • Euphoric Over Dysphoria

    The APA has decided that being transgendered should no longer be considered a disorder.

  • A Hairy Situation

    Every November, men allow their facial hair to run wild for cancer. So why exactly is the idea of women doing the same "just gross"?

  • It's hard out there for a sex toy lover, especially if you're straight.

    Why on God's green earth is it hard for people to grasp that straight men can love sex toys too? Or why do they think you must be gay?

  • Five Things Bisexual Women are Tired of Hearing

    Okay, you’ve come out as bisexual. You’re definitely in love with cocks, and you’re definitely in love with vaginas. Sculpted chests and soft breasts are both appealing. So why should you have to choose? You can love both, because isn’t the LGBT*QIA movement all about loving who you want?

  • Homosexuality: The Nature vs Nurture Debate

    We've all heard of this debate. Were you born gay? Or did your environment nurture you to be gay? My answer to those who ask me is, "I chose to be gay the moment you chose to be straight." I've always known. The only choice I had was if or when I chose to "come out of the closet." This article is about sexual orientation and my opinion on whether or not sexual orientation is based on nature, nurture, or both.

  • Not Gay, Not Straight

    As a queer person who is not strictly lesbian, it can be difficult to fit into a gay community, and impossible to fit into a straight one.

  • Sexual Freedom and Old Man Smith

    Just when you think you've gotten your own sexuality figured out, you run into your nosy next door neighbor and come to the conclusion that not only is your own sexuality something that you could never share publicly, but God help anyone who is any different from him. Gossip and closed mindedness are the two worst killers of everything good. Despite how good his lawn looks, he can still be a total idiot.

  • Maine Backs Same-Sex Marriage

    On November 6th, 2012, Maine voters agreed that the state should issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. This is a huge win for the LGBT community and Maine as a whole. But not everybody thinks so.

  • Questions and Curiosity: Things NOT to ask transwomen and transmen!

    Many people have a lot of questions for transpeople. It's an interesting subject that doesn't come up too often in most people's lives. What questions are ok and what questions are offensive? It's fine to be curious, just don't be rude!

  • Passing under the Trans*-Dar: a definition of "Passing" and how it relates to those in the trans* community

    Passing is great for those trans* people who do, but for those who can't manage to look how society expects, people using the term "passing" can leave them feeling like Pinocchio-- wooden and fake and without a fairy to make them *real*.

  • More Than Boys and Girls: C-boys, Dickgirls, Traps, Transvestites, and Transfolk

    You've heard terms like "dickgirl" and "trap" throughout the internet when referring to specialty porn, but who and what are these people, and what's the difference between them all? There's more than just the man-woman/boy-girl binary!

  • We Are Not Part of a Circus Freak Show

    You see that I am different and you want to stop and stare? Have you no respect? Is it your goal to be as blunt and as rude as possible? I am not your personal side show. I am not something you can just gawk at, stare at and belittle. I am a person just like you: I have feelings, a heart, and a family. I may be different. I am a transman.

  • My hero

    My best friend knew he was gay at the age of 12. What he went through was horrible but today he is one of the most amazing people that I have ever met.

  • Why I Don’t Care About Gay Marriage (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)

    Gay marriage is a huge political issue now, with states overturning DOMA and the institution of gay marriage in several states in the last few years. Don't get me wrong--that's great. But we queers need to get our priorities straight.

  • Define This: Femme

    As a gay teenager I owned a t-shirt that boldly stated, "Nobody knows I'm a lesbian." Ten years later, the sentiment of that shirt couldn't be more true. Femme identity often fits neither into the expectations from heterosexual society nor queer communities. As I'm finally settling comfortably into my own skin, I've come to realize the importance of femme visibility.

  • Love without boundaries

    A guide to dating a trans man

  • SexFeed: Ban on Ex-Gay Therapy For Minors already under attack

    Ban on Ex-Gay therapy for minors is already under attack by two religious groups that plan on suing in federal court before it can go into effect on Jan 1.

  • The How To Guide to Lesbianism

    To avoid confusion, questionable Google searches, and to manage the minefield of other people's questions.

  • Sleeping With Transboys: A brief how-to on sex with transboys

    So you've got this new boyfriend, and he's a transman! Or maybe you've just always wanted to hook up with one? What do you do when it comes to sex without offending him? What's going on in his pants? Check this out before you jump in bed!

  • Sometimes Adam, Sometimes Eve

    I'm married to a man...and a woman. No, I'm not a member of a religion that believes in multiple marriages. Nor am I in a polyamorous relationship. My spouse is bigender, both male and female in one body.

  • A society’s binary lens on bisexuality

    American, and more generally western, culture is a binary one, but certain people fall outside the binary. There are all types on non-binary people in human sexuality, but for this article let's discuss bisexuality and how it really isn't binary despite pop culture.

  • Look Ma! I'm Pansexual!

    Life, Love, and Pansexuality. What happens when you come out to your family? Will they accept you, or will they toss you out into the street?

  • Out of the Bi Label, Into the Pan Fire

    I always bristle at the word “confused,” used to describe a sexual orientation that’s not straight, not lesbian and not gay. I’m sexually attracted to men, and I’m sexually attracted to women. I know this from a rich variety of sexual experiences that were and are pleasurable, memorable, endearing, funny and occasionally tragic, but never confusing.

  • The Differences Between Men & Women

    Everyone knows that men and women are different but not many people have thought it through all of the way.

  • The T in LGBT

    What do transgender and transsexual mean? What are appropriate terms to use when talking to someone who identifies as trans?

  • A cliff notes guide to LGBT terms

    Confused by terms like polyamory or genderqueer? Have no fear an easy guide to those terms and more is here!

  • Female or Male ? That is the question.

    Haven't you ever wondered how it would be if you was in your spouse’s shoes, and you changed sex? Well I'm Jaylin and I was born a female but ever since I was younger, I always wondered how it would be if I was a male instead of a female. Don't get me wrong I love being a female but I just think men got it easier than females.

  • The Poly Male, or Rational Polyamory

    How do two men share a woman without killing each other? It's much more about respect, and love, and less about animalistic furry and marking of territory. I want to explain how my friend and I share a woman without murdering each other.

  • My story about my first love affair.

    Ever fall in love with both a female and a male? Well Julissa did and now she doesn't know what to do.

  • The Game of Life: An unexpected teaching moment

    A new game night selection prompts an unexpected discussion about marriage equality and freedom of choice.

  • 'Fun'damentals of BDSM

    Topping and Domming, submitting and bottoming. All four terms are closely related in the BDSM world, but what on earth do they all mean, and what exactly is the difference? What is a Top? What is a Dominant? And what are sub- and Dom-space?

  • Why does Gender matter?

    A three part examination of Gender Identity in the 21st Century. Or as I like to think of it, I'm going to take your concept of normal and toss it out the window.

  • Guys, Gays, and Dildos (Not as gay as it sounds)

    For about as long as sex toys have existed, there's always been the assumption (by the ignorant majority) that straight guys can't own a toy, specifically a dildo. If you're in the mood to read a rant, read on!

  • The 5 Hallmarks of Feminist Porn

    For decades, pornography has been the domain of men - it was made by and for horny guys, with no regard for what women might like and what might be upsetting to them. But in recent years, there has been a surge of new feminist porn, created by female pornographers for women's enjoyment. It's a very diverse genre, but there are some defining features that most feminist porn films possess.

  • It's Okay to Shout, But if You Want to Whisper That's Okay Too

    Coming out doesn't have to be huge. It's different for each person.

  • Pinks and Blues. Colors are Colors.

    Makeup, Videogames, Nail Polish, Cookbook, Cologne. I bet you know which sex each of these items belong with.

  • Living Life Labeled

    Why does society pressure us to label and define our sexuality?

  • More Than Looks

    The evening news comes on to report about the protests in New York – the 1% protests. The reporter clutches her microphone as she gestures with her other arm at the crowds behind her with a serious and solemn expression.

  • Calling All Drag Kings!

    With all of this drag queen love emanating from gay and straight circles, you have to wonder: Why aren’t drag kings being embraced with equal excitement?

  • On Being Out: I Pass

    Does taking a pass on being “out” about one's gender persuasion, kinky proclivities and sexual relations make one a coward?

  • The First Wet Dream

    Ever wonder what it’s like to transition? Are there changes we don’t often hear about? Chris Corrigan’s got a few interesting experiences to share.

  • Translady Fanzine: A Conversation with Amos Mac and Zackary Drucker

    One trans man and one trans woman come together to work on a project that reflects their unique, yet shared experience in being transgendered.

  • Google Plus Might Be a Minus for Sexuality Communities

    It's what every geek wants this summer: an invite to the beta of Google Plus, the social network du jour. As with any beta, problems abound — but one in particular is causing quite a fuss. Why is Google Plus the latest accidental foe to the transgendered/genderqueer community and the current enemy of sex writers everywhere? Read on.

  • Is Homosexuality the Next Stage in Human Evolution?

    Evolution, by its very definition, is an innate genetic preference for self-preservation. In a world literally bursting at the seams, some argue that this is why the number of gay people is increasing.

  • Latina Glitter — The Stars of The U.S.'s Oldest Latina Drag Show

    The stars of the oldest Latina drag show in the U.S. at La Cueva admit the term "drag" is a bit of a misnomer for their show — because the queens of this stage are not the usual men in drag you expect to find but male to female transgender performers.

  • I Don’t Want to Be a Lady: Arya Stark in Game of Thrones

  • Queen USA 2011 Transgender Beauty Pageant Builds Community

    In many ways, the beauty pageant held at Los Angeles’ Circus Disco on April 10, 2011 was a pageant just like any other. Long, lithe women dressed elaborately in sexy sequined outfits did the stiletto stomp across the stage. It was all glamour, glitz, and hyper-femininity, but the beautiful competitors were more than they appeared to be.

  • The Principle Of Exaggeration: Why We're Obsessed With Big Tits and Bodacious Booty

    When it comes to attraction, we seldom hold up “average” as “ideal” — if we did we wouldn’t need the two different words, would we? So, why do we so consistently seem to glorify extremes — the most ginormous breasts, the most chiseled abs, the fullest head of hair? Are we just shallow jerks? Or are we actually wired for extremes?

  • West Hollywood Transgender Advisory Board Seeks to Educate and Foster Understanding

    The city of West Hollywood is the first in the world to have its own Transgender Advisory Board that operates independently and separate from the gay and lesbian board. As gay and lesbian people become more accepted in mainstream America, those in the transgender community fight for the most basic of rights, like being able to use the public restroom of the gender with which they identify.

  • Super Bowl Special: Football is So Gay, Part 2

    With Super Bowl XLV just scant hours away, the hopes and hearts and bets of NFL fans rest with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. While many will be on the edge of their seats, waiting with Chee-toh'd fingers and brewski breath to vicariously live each play as the clock ticks down to the final outcome, the real winners of the sport may be in a totally different league.

  • Super Bowl Special: Football is So Gay, Part 1

    This is a feel-good story, so I’m not going to go for any done-to-death homoerotic jokes about jocks and locker rooms and sweaty, grunting men. But I might make a crack about Tom Brady’s Justin Bieber-hair. Just once.

  • Transgender Travelers vs. the TSA

    There’s a lot of outrage about the TSA’s “enhanced patdowns” (their term) and “pornoscanners” (the media’s) going around. Despite all the coverage, one important problem has been overlooked— but then, it always has: How do gender and orientation outliers navigate the system of “same-sex” security?

  • My Year as a “Pimp”

    Sometimes protecting someone you love has legal ramifications you might never have considered. When the system puts sex workers at risk, do you break the law to save a life? It's a choice no one should have to make.

  • Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend: What You Can Do To Support Queer Youth

  • More Bang For Your Buck: “Sexuali-“T”

    I think about how my sexuality has changed so much with my transformation from female to male.

  • Mr. Sexsmith's Other Girlfriend: Speaking Different (Love) Languages

  • Tuesdays With Nina: Coping with Marriage After Gender Transition

    Imagine that the love of your life, your spouse, your husband... tells you he wants to be a woman. What does a couple do when one of them needs to transition from male to female and the other is not attracted to women?

  • Mr. Sexmith's Other Girlfriend: When Butches Brunch

  • Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend: Surrender the Propinquity

  • Just Say, “I Don’t!”

    Gay Marriage May Not be the Only Way To Achieve Equality

  • Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend: The Life Lessons in Swing Dancing

    Look at your partner when you’re communicating with them.

    When you decide to do something, pay attention, commit to it, and follow through.

  • The Man Project: Buck Angel

    Known as “the man with a pussy,” Buck Angel has become a cultural icon. He’s a successful porn star—who’s addressed audiences at Yale University. Angel does the talk-show circuit, but when he took Howard Stern up on a dare to ride the Simian Sex Machine, the joke was squarely on Stern.

  • Encounter With a Chaser

  • Mr. Sexsmith's Other Girlfriend: How New York Fucks Me

  • American Desi(girls): An Interview with Filmmaker Ishita Srivastava

  • More Bang for Your Buck: No Man's Land – IdeaCity 10, Toronto

  • Mr. Sexsmith's Other Girlfriend: Conquering the Heat of Summer

  • Mr. Sexsmith's Other Girlfriend—June: The Month of Pride

  • More Bang for Your Buck: Living in Paradise

  • Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend: Making Up With New York

  • Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend: Going Back to My First Love

  • More Bang for Your Buck: I Love My Vagina, But Need to Work on My Body Issues

  • Mr. Sexsmith's Other Girlfriend: How To Have Less Sexual Shame

  • More Bang for Your Buck: Hate, Intolerance and Just Stupidity!

  • More Bang for Your Buck: Reviving the Vadge—A Public Cervix Announcement

    A celebrated transgender pioneer in the adult entertainment industry, Buck Angel has broken barriers, pushed boundaries, and made people think deeply about things that might otherwise have never otherwise occurred to them. So if you’re ready to have your mind expanded, horizons broadened—and get the most bang for your Buck—read on!

  • Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend: Would You Like To Dance?

  • Trans-Dar: A Quick Course in Gender Identity Intuition

    When you look up “transgender” in the dictionary, you’re not going to find a picture of an individual who defines the term—because that person does not exist. The transgender identity can contain many diverse elements, but if you pay attention—and mind your manners—you can learn to pick up on the cues that will help you figure out who is cis and who is trans.

  • Genderqueer Etiquette

    “Genderqueer” is often the equivalent of the “Potpourri” category on Jeopardy! It’s where things that don’t fit in any other category hang out.

  • Labels and Street Signs: Navigating Gender & Orientation in the Global Village and Cyber-ghettos

    It's trendy to answer the question “who/what are you?” with a smirk and “I hate labels.” I like my labels. Go to the pantry and rip the labels off every can you find. Dinner will be always be a surprise. Is wanting to know what's inside just blind prejudice? When did blindness become lack of prejudice?

  • Mr. Sexsmith Goes To SXSW and Takes a Lover

  • Disclosing Trans Status

    Every gender identity has its own rules for social interaction. It’s when you step into the larger world that etiquette gets a little tricky. You meet someone. You fall “in like.” Finding the right moment to reveal you’re transgendered requires tact, timing and, sometimes... a little luck.

  • The Girlfriend Game: Can I See Some I.D.?

    Lesbian? Gay? Bi-curious? Straight. Sexual identification isn’t always etched in stone. Sometimes, you can’t tell who the players are, even when you have the scorecard.

  • Mr. Sexsmith's Other Girlfriend: How to Survive Your First Year in New York City

    Immediately in the city everything is just as hard as you’ve always heard it is: the disgusting humid summers. Finding an apartment. Getting a job. Locating friends. But the subways become easy, once you get the hang of it, and Manhattan is comprehensible, once you orient yourself. Be careful not to over-orient: you will change.

  • Stirring Things Up: Safer Sex for Women Who Love Women

    Compared to heterosexual sex or sex between men, sex between women is generally a lower-risk activity. It isn’t however, a no-risk activity.

  • The Original Ambiguously Gay Duo?

    When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle penned the first Sherlock Holmes story in 1887, he had no idea he was breathing life into what would eventually become the greatest crime-fighting franchise in history. Neither did Doyle realize he’d inadvertently sparked one of the most enduring debates of modern literature—the question of the Great Detective’s sexuality.

  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying (About Masturbation) and Love the Porn

    When I moved in with my partner, I did something unthinkable: I stopped masturbating. Though we’d been sexually active before we moved in together, but I still masturbated occasionally, and, at 21, I needed to orgasm more than once a week. Still, I felt bad when I did it—almost like it was a betrayal of our relationship, and I promised myself that I’d stop when we moved in together.

  • From Ze to Hir: Another Set of Pronouns

    It’s hard to understand non-binary pronouns when you don’t understand non-binary gender—which is often the reason for using non-binary pronouns. The best way I can explain it is to walk you through my own process.

  • Overcoming a Fear of Sex: A Step-By-Step Process

    All phobias can be overcome with some effort. The same is true for conquering a fear of sex. Here, I walk a young gay man through his trepidation. We take simple, easy to accomplish steps to build confidence and dispel his apprehensions.

  • Sexual Fluidity

    My first real girl crush didn’t occur until I was well into my 20s. Sure, I’d had my share of the typical and varied female relationships—female friends whom I loved like sisters, female rock stars I’d idolized, girls I deeply admired for their beauty, wit, charm, or intelligence—I’d loved many, many women in my life. But I’d never actually been turned on by one. Until recently...

  • All in the Family

    According to John 4:8: “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” Proponents of the Westboro Baptist Church, however, preach that God is hate—if you’re gay, that is. See how one community’s protest united people from all walks of life to baptize these divisive miscreants with the waters of truthiness, and banish evil from their midst.

  • The World AIDS Day Project: No Dominion

    When a novice swimmer dives head-first into the deep end of gay culture and emerges illuminated, her path to sexual emancipation via safer means becomes stunningly clear.

  • The World AIDS Day Project: Learning Out Loud

    Two decades as an HIV educator and counting.

  • Dr. Dick on Demand: The Dark Heart of Homophobia

    Institutionalized homophobia is rooted in a fear and hatred of women. The dominant culture enshrines male privilege and punishes anyone who attempts to undercut the paradigm. Discrimination is so widespread, ingrained—and sometimes so subtle—that many non-gay people don’t even notice most of it. But those of us on the receiving end of the bigotry are keenly aware.

  • The Disillusionment of a Young Gay Democrat

    This is a familiar story, like every other story about a broken heart.

  • Confessions of a Teenage Bisexual

    Who doesn't remember their first crush? I was four years old; she was my Sunday School teacher, tall with pale skin and long sandy brown hair nipping just above her waist. I remember feeling excited by her, romantic toward her. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with her but I had fantasies of grandly sweeping her away to do...something.

  • Dr. Dick on Demand: Coming Out

    Dr. Dick weighs in with a little talk about sexual identify, just in time for National Coming Out Day.

  • A Lexicon of LGBT Slang

    In our melting pot of a world, it’s not uncommon for individuals to speak more than one language—Spanish, Italian, Chinese…Gay? Yep, like most subcultures, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community has created its own dialect over the years. No, it’s not a full-fledged alien language; more like ‘street’ talk that intermingles with everyday speak.

  • Dr. Dick on Demand: What’s Up with Me, Doc—Am I Gay or Straight?

    Can we talk about sexual orientation for a bit? I sure hope so, because I’m gonna go ahead and launch into it here, if you’re ready or not.

  • Observations of a Sex Positive Gypsy: Porn for the Jaded

    One of the hazards of being a traveling sex educator is the creeping case of the hornies that just can’t be quelled, pilled, potioned, pricked, or new-aged away...which inevitably leads me to porn. Problem is, I think I qualify as “porn-jaded”, which makes it harder to find the stuff that gets my panties in a twist. What to do?

  • Interview with Courtney Trouble, Director of Roulette

    Courtney Trouble, already well known in queer porn circles for her 6-year-running queer porn website,, has recently gained additional notoriety for her new film Roulette. In April she received the Feminist Porn Award for Most Deliciously Diverse Cast, and recently NoFauxxx was named The Best Queer Porn of the Bay by the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

  • Come Out, Come Out… …or not. Whatevs. It’s cool.

    We find ourselves and we find our loves in our own unique ways – that’s just how it happens to be. For a whole bunch of us, this means we get caught in a closet (or ten) somewhere along the line. Fortunately, we get to decide for ourselves whether or not (and how) we want to come out of those closets. There’s a lot to consider.

  • Love and Sex and Gay Marriage

    Could there be a better time than right now to be gay in a society on the verge of transformation? We have both the freedom to be out and in love and just enough limits to our rights to keep us from taking them for granted.

  • The Transgender Guide to Transitioning Towns

    There are some issues that go with moving which are pretty universal. Others are a little more unique to me as a trans man. I’ve thus assembled a checklist of Things to Be Taken Care Of—The TG Guide to Transitioning Towns, if you will. Read on!

  • As Different as the Next Girl

    Being a trans woman myself, and having dated a number of other trans women, I occasionally have people ask me for tips or advice on being sexual as or with a trans woman.

  • Above Our Nelly Knees: The Stonewall Riots at 40

    The 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots takes place this Sunday. Sexis takes a look back at what Stonewall meant then, and what it means to this day.

  • Trans Substantiation: You Never Know What’s in Our Pants

    What are some of the ways by which transgendered persons can best obtain the physical characteristics they're looking for?

  • Jack of Both Trades: Male Bisexuality & Bicuriosity

    It's not easy for a guy to question his sexuality, but it's something almost all guys do at some point. Exploring your sexuality is a human right - and it can even be a lot of fun!

  • She Goes Both Ways: Women and Bisexuality

    You're a woman. You have a boyfriend, but you just can't stop fantasizing about your best female friend’s mouth and how good it'd feel on your skin. Are you bisexual or what?

  • Trans 101: Boys Will Be Boys

    When we were all given the big talk about the birds and bees, we were told that boys and wee-wees and girls don’t. Well, it turns out that the old spiel isn’t quite true. What if you don’t have a wee-wee, but you’re pretty sure you should?

  • Sex, Drugs and…Disco? Musings on Gay Stereotypes

    Contrary to some small minded, popular beliefs, being gay isn't based on sweaty bar hookups and showtunes. Get real, and get a grip – being gay is as individual as your social security number.

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