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Define This: Pansexual
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It may not be what you think. Learn more here.


Great article! I had never actually heard of this until I joined EF and started asking questions. It's important to understand and accept people from all walks of life. Thank you for this!


I'm still not getting e-mails about comments for some reason!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


great post!


Thank you Sera26! It's been pointed out that I made a couple of flawed generalizations myself in the article, and if I offended anyone by doing so I am deeply sorry.

Glad you enjoyed it!


i think you explained the diff between bisexual and pansexual very well.


I realized that I am pansexual recently and it was just that - a realization. I didn't happen sooner because I hadn't heard the term yet and had met so few trans folk. As soon as it became an option it was obvious- 100%- without a doubt!!! I was lucky enough recently to experience the fulfillment of a threesome with a male and a transwoman who has no intentions of having reassignment surgery. I'm not sure what the label for her 'type' is but she expressed a desire to be referred to as a 'she-male' and the 3 of us had a great time. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with her gender or her orientation, but it was some of the best oral sex I have ever received! I am positive that I am also panamourous. Thanks for the article!


I had a similar experience to Sangsara. I considered myself bisexual until I learned about pansexuality. I also consider myself to be genderfluid. This article explained 'who' I am perfectly. As much as I hate labels, I have felt more like myself since learning more about my own sexuality and gender identity. Thank you for the article!



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