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Define This: Femme
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As a gay teenager I owned a t-shirt that boldly stated, "Nobody knows I'm a lesbian." Ten years later, the sentiment of that shirt couldn't be more true. Femme identity often fits neither into the expectations from heterosexual society nor queer communities. As I'm finally settling comfortably into my own skin, I've come to realize the importance of femme visibility.


What an incredible article. Thank you for sharing your personal anecdote, and raising to surface a topic that should be more widely discussed.

It's incredible how stereotypes have taken over, so heavily, that you feel you need to change your appearance to fit into a social circle. Being yourself and feeling comfortable in your skin should always be a priority, and lucky for you, you figured that out before so many other still have yet to do.

Keep writing. I like your style.


great article


Great article! I appreciated it.


Great article! Well written and insightful. Thanks for bringing up a great point...even being a straight woman I completely agree that it is important to bring light to the subject.


great article! i can totally relate! i was referred to as a lipstick lesbian all the time. never heard chapstick lesbian,lol. i like that one. i did go through a sleeveless flannel, short hair, no makeup stage when i was young. i have a great appreciation for the "butch" look but can not pull it off.


This is really wonderful. Thank you for sharing something so personal and insightful.



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