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I Don’t Want to Be a Lady: Arya Stark in Game of Thrones

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Contributor: lena malena
lena malena  

absolutely loved this article!! well thought out! I love Arya and i can't wait to see how the character progresses during the series.

Contributor: Victoria

Hot damn, your writing style and though process are awesome! VERY much looking forward to your future extrapolations of TV fare.

Contributor: namelesschaos

I love the article looking forward to more.

Contributor: Larry Butz
Larry Butz  

I'm really interested to see how this goes on! I think you could be a bit more argumentative about the gender dynamics in the show, as this did come off a bit of a summary rather than an analysis, but I'll reserve judgment for when we're deeper into the plot and we've had more fodder. KEEP GOING!

Contributor: DailyO

Great start! I love Song of Fire and Ice and while I can't say that I enjoy what the male author does with the female characters, Martin and HBO have made all the characters deep and interesting.

It was really great when Arya tried to prevent Lady from being killed. As much as she dislikes her sister, and Sansa screwed her, Arya knew what was right and wrong.



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