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Is Homosexuality the Next Stage in Human Evolution?

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Evolution, by its very definition, is an innate genetic preference for self-preservation. In a world literally bursting at the seams, some argue that this is why the number of gay people is increasing.


Contributor: Cherry Trifle

Totally fascinating. Entirely plausible. Great piece, Roland.

Contributor: TwoHandedFreak

It's something I've often thought of myself. It makes sense. If sexuality is in part from a genetic switch, then now would be the perfect evolutionary time for that switch to begin flipping in more and more people.

Contributor: Lilithe Magdalene
Lilithe Magdalene  

Fascinating article - but could we PLEASE stop referring to all of us as "man" and "mankind"? I am a female human, not a man (though I do like to dress up as one at times! ;-) )

Contributor: Chemtrail=Gay

If these so-called scientist have already successfully managed to turn mice,worms and probably humans gay then what would stop them from assisting in speeding up the process to make everyone sterile or gay ? One must ponder that! Also its sad to see the alpha male disappearing and personally I think I would like to go out naturally like the dinosaurs did and not have to be some genetic freak for the salvation our species. Nice try huffington post writer with ties to our government tries to paint such a glorious picture in our heads. Lastly in response to lilith magdalene and her request as not wanting to be reffered to as mankind but huMAN is exceptable? Geezzz
What's next the push for womankind as a reference instead? In nature the stronger species is usually the alphs male pack leader because they are physically stronger and with humans it's no different my friend so hence the reference of mankind is understandable and clearly defined.

Contributor: swaggsohott12

almost every female i know is gay or bi

Contributor: Ansley

I have always suspected that homosexuality was first practiced in ancient times as a method of birth control and I don't think it's that much of a stretch...mother nature always gets her way!

Contributor: VanillaFreeSex

im having trouble undestanding fucose mutarotose in relation to passing on 'gay genes'. i do think sexual antagonism plays a big role. afterall every gay person i know has straight parents, yet at the same time 'it' always runs in the family