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We Are Not Part of a Circus Freak Show

©2012 ~waratcry
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You see that I am different and you want to stop and stare? Have you no respect? Is it your goal to be as blunt and as rude as possible? I am not your personal side show. I am not something you can just gawk at, stare at and belittle. I am a person just like you: I have feelings, a heart, and a family. I may be different. I am a transman.

  What I Have To Do To Hide My True Self From You

There is so much I had to do to be here today. In April 2008 I had to start hormones to grow face hair, deepen my voice, and shape my body. I had to wear this tight shirt called a binder to hide my breasts from the world. In May of 2009, I changed my name. In August 2010 I went under the knife and had a double mastectomy to remove my breasts. $9,000 later and here I stand: a transman in America. I was born female but now identify fully as male. Most you would never even be able to tell.

  Why Stare?

I was out one day and I saw a fellow transperson. One difference is she was a Male to Female. I was completely disgusted. Not by her, but by the fact that the woman could not enjoy her day without someone gawking at her like she was some sort of a circus freak. What in the world is wrong with people? They do not understand it so they need to stare, poke fun, and make that woman feel less about herself than she needs to. Trans individuals are much more likely to commit suicide than any other group of people. That is appalling. Why are they more likely you ask? Well it is because closed minded individuals. Instead of asking more about it, doing their own research and giving the person a chance, they pick fun and taunt us. I myself cannot even express how many times a closed minded person made me feel less than human. It is not something you can catch. It is, however, something that you can educate yourself about. Do not judge us because we are different. Admire us because we are not afraid anymore.

  Who Am I

Who am I? I am brave, bold, fun and free. I am a son, a husband, a father, a friend. I have family that loves me. I work every day to better myself. I have pride in my community. Those of you who are scared to come out, don't be. Take a stand with me. We are not contagious, we are not perverts. We are sons and daughters. I am a loved one. I am a high school graduate. I have bills, a house, and a car. We are animal lovers and animal haters. Some have missed their chance to speak up. I am a human not a side show attraction, I am a sexual being. I am a female to male transsexual.


Good for you for being proud and open and out.


Wonderful, brave and awesome article! I love that you were brave enough to share this, and I enjoy being able to learn about other people. I applaud you!


thank you both very much. means a lot


Great article.


Great article.



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