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More Bang For Your Buck: “Sexuali-“T”

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I think about how my sexuality has changed so much with my transformation from female to male.


Contributor: Mr. Z
Mr. Z  

Wow Buck, that felt like you were writing my story at times. At 31 and just starting T, plus being a "recovering dyke" socialized to put a brick wall up where my vagina is, I am just now feeling okay with penetration. The difference is, for... me at least, I feel as though it doesn't feminize me now. I feel like a gay boy when it happens and that's ok with me. As long as I am not female, so hard for some to get, but it is what it is. I still am only into femme ciswomen, for now at least, but feel free and queer and loving all of it for once in my life. I feel more fluid than I ever have. I have released the shackles of being a female bodied dyke (they were shackles for me bc of my dysphoria, I am not demonizing dykes by any means for the record) and embraced queerdom and my transgender identity with open arms and a throbbing libido. Thank you for sharing your truth, it means so much to me.See More

Contributor: mikebooks

Great article Buck. Thank you and all the best!

Contributor: allinonekid

Very interesting read.