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More Bang for Your Buck: No Man's Land – IdeaCity 10, Toronto

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Contributor: kingdiver

This is really a major step for all of us Buck. Getting people who wouldn't ordinarily see us to really understand and get a glimpse of the truth is a giant step. Thank you Buck!!! And, thanks to the producer and attenders of IdeaCity. I looked up their site and was pleasantly surprised by the level of openness and willingness to think. I strongly suspect they will all be making waves in their respective communities and all for the better. Your courage and willingness to shoot straight is a major motivator and inspiration to me. Thank you, thank you and boy have I got my work in front of me to contribute what I have to contribute. There's no excuse for me step out strongly from where I'm at.

Contributor: aeast

Hey Buck! Love your column. You should link to your youtube mini documnetary. I'd love to see it.