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More Bang for Your Buck: No Man's Land – IdeaCity 10, Toronto

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This is really a major step for all of us Buck. Getting people who wouldn't ordinarily see us to really understand and get a glimpse of the truth is a giant step. Thank you Buck!!! And, thanks to the producer and attenders of IdeaCity. I looked up their site and was pleasantly surprised by the level of openness and willingness to think. I strongly suspect they will all be making waves in their respective communities and all for the better. Your courage and willingness to shoot straight is a major motivator and inspiration to me. Thank you, thank you and boy have I got my work in front of me to contribute what I have to contribute. There's no excuse for me step out strongly from where I'm at.


Hey Buck! Love your column. You should link to your youtube mini documnetary. I'd love to see it.


Interviews with Buck Angel

  • Who is Buck Angel? So far, we’ve heard transman, adult film-maker, educator, speaker, and advocate – let’s learn more about Buck’s life and his experiences. What has the journey been like for the first FTM transsexual porn star? Buck calls himself “The Man With A Pussy” – how do people react to him being so forthright?

    When Buck Angel first started doing adult films and photo shoots, he had no idea where it might take him. In the beginning, Buck was surprised by how many people seemed to feel threatened by him. But as time went on, he saw just how much he affected and inspired people; whether with sexuality, gender, self-acceptance, or just everyday life. Buck was the first FTM to be signed to a major adult film studio before he started his own entertainment company; he has since been nominated for, and has won many, awards including both AVN and XBiz Transsexual Performer of the Year and the Feminist Porn Awards over the last few years. Buck is currently working on his first feature documentary about sexuality and transmen, which is a whole new field for him. He has been reaching out to transmen and their partners internationally. We have to wonder, what are some of the challenges he’s personally faced as a man who continues to make big changes worldwide about how people see gender? Buck spoke at Sex Week at Yale University this year. He was also recently immortalized with a golden life-sized sculpture by artist Marc Quinn, which was shown in NYC at the Armory show, and is now opening in London in May, and will continue to show around the world. He travels quite a bit; he just got back from Amsterdam last week and is off to Finland next week. Buck told us that his mission is to help make the world a better place and to teach tolerance and love – we’re happy to have him here and are looking forward to learning more!

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