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  • Calling All Drag Kings!

    With all of this drag queen love emanating from gay and straight circles, you have to wonder: Why aren’t drag kings being embraced with equal excitement?

  • The First Wet Dream

    Ever wonder what it’s like to transition? Are there changes we don’t often hear about? Chris Corrigan’s got a few interesting experiences to share.

  • Schmekle: Revolutionary Trans-Core, Jewish, Punk Rock Band

    Schmekel is Yiddish for "little penis" and seems to be the perfect name for a “100 percent transgender, 100 percent Jewish” punk band that doesn't take itself too seriously. The band’s parody punk rock is made for fun but the end result is an act that crosses boundaries and reaches beyond the queer audience you'd expect.

  • The Hawkfish Changes Genders on a Dime!

    Oh, if gender reassignment were only that easy.

  • New Recommendations Released for Treating Transgender Patients

    Who knew sensitivity wasn’t a trait native to caregivers?

  • Colorado Girl Scouts Give Acceptance for Christmas

    ... while Louisiana troop leaders give hatred instead.

  • Sexing the Transman: Buck Angel Documentary Explores Trasitioning and Its Effect on Sexuality

    The transman who once loved women, but finds himself attracted solely to men after taking hormones has become LGBTQ lore. There've been few formal studies, but it comes up again and again in discussion; it was a plot-line on The L Word and was even covered as a ‘trend’ by New York Magazine. Now, porn star and trans activist, Buck Angel is making a documentary on the ever-controversial topic.

  • Sex Reassignment Surgery on Children Under Investigation in India

    Sex change for girls allegedly a choice for hundreds of parents.

  • Queen USA 2011 Transgender Beauty Pageant Builds Community

    In many ways, the beauty pageant held at Los Angeles’ Circus Disco on April 10, 2011 was a pageant just like any other. Long, lithe women dressed elaborately in sexy sequined outfits did the stiletto stomp across the stage. It was all glamour, glitz, and hyper-femininity, but the beautiful competitors were more than they appeared to be.

  • Devil's Advocate: Birth Certificates and Transgender

    Should Transgender People be Able to Change the Sex on Their Birth Certificates?

    Recently, SexIs featured a story about three transgender people in New York City suing to have the sex on their birth certificates changed — normally forbidden unless they’ve had reconstructive surgery.

  • West Hollywood Transgender Advisory Board Seeks to Educate and Foster Understanding

    The city of West Hollywood is the first in the world to have its own Transgender Advisory Board that operates independently and separate from the gay and lesbian board. As gay and lesbian people become more accepted in mainstream America, those in the transgender community fight for the most basic of rights, like being able to use the public restroom of the gender with which they identify.

  • Transgender Travelers vs. the TSA

    There’s a lot of outrage about the TSA’s “enhanced patdowns” (their term) and “pornoscanners” (the media’s) going around. Despite all the coverage, one important problem has been overlooked— but then, it always has: How do gender and orientation outliers navigate the system of “same-sex” security?

  • Celebrating the Most Challenged Books; NFL Makes Team Spirit Pretty; Oak is Our King, Too

    New teen novels join some old favorites on the list of books some parents would like to ban.

  • More Bang For Your Buck: “Sexuali-“T”

    I think about how my sexuality has changed so much with my transformation from female to male.

  • Apple Censors Bestseller List, First Transgendered Model in Vogue, Tom Jones Tops Eminem

    Three books mysteriously disappeared from Apple’s list of iPad bestsellers, and now the company is drawing fire—again—for censoring sexually explicit materials.

  • The Man Project: Buck Angel

    Known as “the man with a pussy,” Buck Angel has become a cultural icon. He’s a successful porn star—who’s addressed audiences at Yale University. Angel does the talk-show circuit, but when he took Howard Stern up on a dare to ride the Simian Sex Machine, the joke was squarely on Stern.

  • Encounter With a Chaser

  • Semenya Back on Track, Mexico City Hitch-Ups as Hawaii Hiccups

    After an 11-month layoff for gender testing, 800-meter World Champion Caster Semenya has been cleared to run again—as a woman.

  • Mr. Sexsmith’s Other Girlfriend: Making Up With New York

  • Mr. Sexsmith's Other Girlfriend: How To Have Less Sexual Shame

  • More Bang for Your Buck: Hate, Intolerance and Just Stupidity!

  • More Bang for Your Buck: Reviving the Vadge—A Public Cervix Announcement

    A celebrated transgender pioneer in the adult entertainment industry, Buck Angel has broken barriers, pushed boundaries, and made people think deeply about things that might otherwise have never otherwise occurred to them. So if you’re ready to have your mind expanded, horizons broadened—and get the most bang for your Buck—read on!

  • Trans-Dar: A Quick Course in Gender Identity Intuition

    When you look up “transgender” in the dictionary, you’re not going to find a picture of an individual who defines the term—because that person does not exist. The transgender identity can contain many diverse elements, but if you pay attention—and mind your manners—you can learn to pick up on the cues that will help you figure out who is cis and who is trans.

  • Mr. Sexsmith's Other Girlfriend: How to Survive Your First Year in New York City

    Immediately in the city everything is just as hard as you’ve always heard it is: the disgusting humid summers. Finding an apartment. Getting a job. Locating friends. But the subways become easy, once you get the hang of it, and Manhattan is comprehensible, once you orient yourself. Be careful not to over-orient: you will change.

  • The Transgender Guide to Transitioning Towns

    There are some issues that go with moving which are pretty universal. Others are a little more unique to me as a trans man. I’ve thus assembled a checklist of Things to Be Taken Care Of—The TG Guide to Transitioning Towns, if you will. Read on!

  • As Different as the Next Girl

    Being a trans woman myself, and having dated a number of other trans women, I occasionally have people ask me for tips or advice on being sexual as or with a trans woman.

  • Trans Substantiation: You Never Know What’s in Our Pants

    What are some of the ways by which transgendered persons can best obtain the physical characteristics they're looking for?

  • Toys for Boys: A Trans Men’s Buyer’s Guide

    Hard packies, soft packies, packing straps, and the mindset that one size does not indeed fit all – if you’re looking for a new cock, we’ve got you covered.

  • Trans 101: Boys Will Be Boys

    When we were all given the big talk about the birds and bees, we were told that boys and wee-wees and girls don’t. Well, it turns out that the old spiel isn’t quite true. What if you don’t have a wee-wee, but you’re pretty sure you should?

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