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Sexing the Transman: Buck Angel Documentary Explores Trasitioning and Its Effect on Sexuality
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The transman who once loved women, but finds himself attracted solely to men after taking hormones has become LGBTQ lore. There've been few formal studies, but it comes up again and again in discussion; it was a plot-line on The L Word and was even covered as a ‘trend’ by New York Magazine. Now, porn star and trans activist, Buck Angel is making a documentary on the ever-controversial topic.



cool article, i'll be keeping an eye out for that documentary


booyah plasticity



Fantastic article! I love discussions of sexuality and gender, it's all so interesting.


Very interesting article.


Amazing article! I can guarantee that this will generate some very thoughtful conversations. Thank you for sharing.


I feel disgusting admitting this, but finding out he used to identify as a lesbian made me feel really insecure. I love butches and transmen, and finding out that some of them might not love me back...;P haha it's selfish. But I can totally understand why it might be "ok" for someone to have sex once it's gay, sex they wouldn't be okay with had it been straight.


cant wait for the documentary


with many guys referring to T as if it feels like puberty, the sex drive etc, perhaps both that and finally able to be themselves is what is allowing them the opportunity to get in touch with their sexuality. not a matter of their sexual orientation changing, but rather them finally realizing and accepting their orientation. i personally find it hard to believe that a higher sex drive or even hormone therapy could "change" someone sexual orientation.i believe regardless of gender status, we are who we are (cis included), even if it takes a long time to realize ourselves. as a bisexual cis female, i realized my sexual orientation during puberty. so it makes sense to me that a transperson experiencing a "second puberty" would question and discover their sexual orientation within the context of transitioning


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