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  • Living Life Labeled

    Why does society pressure us to label and define our sexuality?

  • Can a white, middle-aged, heterosexual mom of two be “Two-Spirited”?

    As her understanding of gender and sexuality have transformed, the author realizes that it’s going to take more than an understanding of biology to answer an age old question: Is it a boy or a girl?

  • Mr. Sexsmith Says: Are Butches Who Have Sex With Butches “Too Gay?”

    Gender is, for many folks, a deal-breaker and a key alignment on which they seek partners, but it’s not the only factor. Power, kink interests, cultural familiarities, spiritual beliefs, common values—there are lots of things to consider. Get your shit together, own your orientations because they are legitimate and real and wonderful, and you’ll have interest.

  • On Being Out: I Pass

    Does taking a pass on being “out” about one's gender persuasion, kinky proclivities and sexual relations make one a coward?

  • Parents of Gender-Neutral Child Catch Heat for Their Choice

    ‘Cause how we raise our children is totally society’s business.

  • The Hawkfish Changes Genders on a Dime!

    Oh, if gender reassignment were only that easy.

  • Sexing the Transman: Buck Angel Documentary Explores Trasitioning and Its Effect on Sexuality

    The transman who once loved women, but finds himself attracted solely to men after taking hormones has become LGBTQ lore. There've been few formal studies, but it comes up again and again in discussion; it was a plot-line on The L Word and was even covered as a ‘trend’ by New York Magazine. Now, porn star and trans activist, Buck Angel is making a documentary on the ever-controversial topic.

  • SexBeat: Has Lady Gaga Made Drag Kings Mainstream?

    The Queen of Pop became the King of Drag on stage (and off) at the recent MTV's VMA 2011, performing as her alter ego, Jo Calderone, and opened up the world of drag kings for a peek from millions of mainstream Americans. Has she done for women in drag what RuPaul did for men in dresses?

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