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  • Shame Free Zone: Finding Your Heart In Your Pants

    Awakening those deep, inner orgasms through G-spot, A-spot and P-spot stimulation can be frightening to some, others believe it's simply not possible, but peak sexual experiences often entail a level of emotional risk and vulnerability.

  • Building a Bridge Between the Genders, Part 2

  • Nikol Hasler: Sex Is Inspirational; You Can Do Magic!

  • Vietnamese Pickers Dole Out Ear-Gasms

    Your ear has a G-spot and they can find it ...

  • The Naked Reader Twitterotica Contest!

    Another week, another hot topic, another 140 characters of steamy micro-erotic excellence. Presenting our weekly winner, runner-up and the outstanding entries for our Special Holiday Edition: New Year's sexual resolutions—What will you be doing to improve your sex life in 2011?

  • No One Wants an Abusive Vagina

  • G-Spots on Pluto

    Scientists do many things in the name of progress. They seek cures for diseases; explore the nature of the universe, and the universe of nature. But sometimes, their findings can be flawed, faulty—or downright eff’d up. In other words: Put back that planet, and take your paws off my G-Spot!

  • {FemEj}

    Where we shine the warm, wet light of truthiness on that newly-hallowed squirt of feminine splendor: female ejaculation. So come – and be christened!

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