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Where we shine the warm, wet light of truthiness on that newly-hallowed squirt of feminine splendor: female ejaculation. So come – and be christened!

  Anatomy of a Squirt

The anatomy of squirters is the same as skeptics', however. For many, the inability to propel love juices is vastly psychological. The good news for the mentally-inhibited female is that urinating when aroused is considered a medical improbability. If that's not convincing enough, a quick bathroom break can ensure an empty bladder. Otherwise, if you're worried about your mattress, there are always plastic sheets.

For those suspicious that female ejaculate is glorified pee, the composition of feminine squirtage, if you will, is chemically similar to that of semen (but without the sperm). Furthermore, the pearlescent or colorless, odorless, tasteless fluid is quite unlike urine. For the scientific types, female ejaculate is produced in the Skene's gland, which is located in the urethra, which is the gateway to the bladder (hence the similarities between sensations of impending orgasm and impending urination). The fluid can expel in quantities ranging from teaspoons to a full cup, so have a towel handy. Or reconsider those plastic sheets.

For women who want to squirt in private, certain toys can facilitate the forward-moving fluid. G-spot-specific vibrators have a curved tip great for hitting the G-spot. The Rock-chick massager will not only rouse the G-spot, but inserting a vibrating bullet into the other end will stimulate the clitoris. Other dildos such as the Bliss will bounce against the G-spot with every bump.

While sex is different for every woman, so is squirting. If you're open to a little experimenting and have the patience to practice technique, your female ejaculation experience does not have to be confined to your secret video viewing. In no time, you can be giving (or initiating) facials just as often as Tiana Lynn.


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This was very helpful in understanding how to use the PC muscles for helping reach orgasms.

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