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Parents of Gender-Neutral Child Catch Heat for Their Choice

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‘Cause how we raise our children is totally society’s business.


Contributor: Obstinatus

I think based on how you characterize the parents behavior it's fine. But the lengths the parents went to hide the child's sex is a bit extreme. They are still at the age of five trying to hide the fact that he's a boy. I think you can raise a child with the understanding that what he or she wants, feels and desires is perfectly ok without referring to him or her as it, the child, etc.

Also whatever happened to being proud of your sex?

Contributor: Teacookie

awesome family, crappy society. hmmm they may of gone to extremes but it's not like they where lying to any one just omitting info. funny enough if you think about it we don't allow nudity in public, we are socially taught to hide it, so why is it bad that they hid the kids sex organs like the law says to and did not encourage the gender behavoir that goes with it?



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