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Calling All Drag Kings!

Liz Acosta
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With all of this drag queen love emanating from gay and straight circles, you have to wonder: Why aren’t drag kings being embraced with equal excitement?

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As a gender-fluid who frequently feels male but has to tackle my born-with genitalia, I can say that it takes just as long to transform, especially when you have larger breasts or hips.

Do emu  

Seconding TristanPaws' comment about having just as much work! Large breasts and/or large hips can be the enemy of achieving a convincing male figure. I'd love to see the work of Drag Kings catch on.


Thanks for reading, folks. I think it's really upsetting that kings don't get the respect they deserve. I don't know where this ubiquitous belief came from, the one that says kings don't try as hard. Going to a Landon Cider show will make anyone realize that what she does is an art form.


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