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Encounter With a Chaser

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Contributor: TransMarc

Creepy. Weidly that's the method used to chase ciswomen where I live, also, and transmen. There should be a website recensing these methods so people know how best to react, because most know basic self-defence but are always taken by surprise by the repetition method. One method I use is giving a fake phone number, but when they call that phone number it's a company that allow people to use it and it answers things like: so you've been a burden to someone in the streets? so you don't take no for an answer? Here are tips to avoid doing that again...

Contributor: Do emu
Do emu  

Sorry that happened to you. I've had to deal with several chasers too (in Oregon - I know that's not where you were that this happened though). I'm going to do some research as TransMarc suggested so I know how to better deal with chasers, because I guess I am too passive and tend to attract them like crazy. I like that number idea too. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.