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My Year as a “Pimp”

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Sometimes protecting someone you love has legal ramifications you might never have considered. When the system puts sex workers at risk, do you break the law to save a life? It's a choice no one should have to make.



This story is heartwarming and I really enjoyed reading it.


... and I'm glad she got out of that line of work eventually.


coming from a background of sex work myself i often thought guiltily of what it was putting my boyfriend through. even spent a few years denying that we were a couple because i didn't believe that i had a right to be in a relationship and expect my significant other to put up with my profession. thing was i wasn't ready to get out. we broke up last year and i just started again but i will never think of him as a pimp regardless of who or what the money i earned was spent on. technically he may have been but i was definitely not a victim. a million different situations in a million different communities you were taking care of someone you loved period.


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