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The Tale of a Lesbian Lolita
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Being a Lolita is tricky enough. Combining an alternate sexuality with that can sometimes make your peers give you some pretty odd looks!


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Contributor: Noira

Aw, lolita fashion is awesome. I'm all skirts and I still love ladies. Steampunk here, but quite frankly I think my alt fashion has a bit more wiggle room for butch and an alt-sexuality side already, unlike lolita which seems to have a sort of demure classic overtone... which of course equals straight? Silly notion, no reason lesbians can't like bows and poofy skirts!

I loved the article because it was a side of alt fashion I hadn't actually considered: stereotypes fighting stereotypes.


Contributor: redwolf

Thanks for writing this! I have seen lolitas but had never known the term. Very educational article. Thanks for sharing.



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