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  • Do I Like Sex Machines? As a Man, I Love ‘Em

    Hey there, fellow seekers of passion! I'm a 50-year-old retired guy. In my 27-year-long loving relationship with my amazing wife, Laura, we've discovered something extraordinary - we're not afraid to embrace our adventurous side when it comes to sex.
    Let me begin by saying that I'm in love with sex machines. The motorized dildo, the thing that thrusts on its own, the toy that had changed everything.

  • Vice: Love in Japan

    In anticipation of Valentine Day we decided to post videos about love from a variety of sources we consider note worthy. We hope you will enjoy them

  • Helen Fisher: Why we love, why we cheat

    In anticipation of Valentine Day we decided to post videos about love from a variety of sources we consider note worthy. We hope you will enjoy them.

  • The Monosexual’s Guide to Dating Someone Flexible

    There are many of us who identify as queer, bisexual, pansexual, or other identities that are flexible in the sex and gender of our partners. This is often difficult to understand for people who are not flexible, whether they are gay or straight. This is a guide for monosexual (cliff notes version: someone who is either straight or gay) partners of sexually flexible people to be a better partner to those of us with these unique identities.

  • Thinking about Taboos

    Taboos are powerful things. Anything that has power over our minds and imaginations can either imprison us or be used to make us happier. Maybe it's time to think about harnessing your taboos and using them to keep a long term relationship healthy and exciting.

  • BDSM Punishments

    In my previous article, How to Submit, I mentioned that it is important to be able to take punishments as a submissive. After my article was posted, it received a comment which left me stunned. Then it hit me. I had never explained the various types of punishments, and it was assumed that all BDSM punishments were purely physical. This article will explain the various forms of punishments often used and why each one may be selected and put to use.

  • Turn Your Thinking Off: Running a Thought-mile During Sexual Activities

    What am I going to cook for dinner? Did I leave the stove on? Why did Harold say that thing about my wife? Will they ever cum?

    We all know that during sexual play time, there are those days (far many than few) where we cannot turn our minds to completing the fun at hand, to enjoy our sexual experiences fully. Is it possible to turn your thinking off? Can you quiet your mind? Is it even a realistic thought?

  • A Sexless Adventure

    I think we all can agree that having a long term relationship is a great thing. As the relationship continues on, you gain a close friendship and a great sex partner, possibly for life. Spending a long time with someone can create challenges in the bedroom. Many couples feel that as they spend more time together, their sex lives get a little dull. So recently my partner and I have decided to go sexless for the next 3 months. Join me on my journey of revamping and restarting my sex life.

  • Confessions of a Reluctant Rope Top

    You can be normal and still love and respect a woman enough to blindfold her, tie her to a wall, and make her scream.

  • BDSM 101--Orgasm Denial

    Today we are going to discuss orgasm denial. What is it? How do you do it? Why do people like it?

  • Vibrator Envy

    Today’s article focuses on a problem that many men face with the introduction of a toy, and that is envy and feelings of inadequacy in the face of a vibrator. We will discuss how to overcome this and why you will never be replaced by a vibrator.

  • How to Shave Everywhere

    For some, there is nothing sexier than rubbing against a lover’s smooth skin. Yet for some of us shaving can be a pain. Without the promise of some sexual favor to come, it can be hassle not worth undergoing. So how do we give our lover the smoothest skin possible and still make it worth our time and effort? That’s simple, combine the two. Here’s how...

  • Define This: GGG

    GGG is a term first coined by sex writer Dan Savage. Not only is it a good road map for healthy relationships, but those that follow it report a higher level of satisfaction in their love life.

  • Sex Signals

    Stop relying on horoscopes, bio-rhythms, or Facebook to figure out if someone likes you. Instead, turn to science!

  • How to Submit: A Basic Guide

    Submission is all the craze now, ever since Fifty Shades of Grey hit the shelves last year. But what many people don't know is how to submit. Submission is so much more than being tied up and being spanked. Submission is, simply put, yielding to another, but sometimes that’s harder than it appears.

  • How Orgasm Focus Almost Ruined A Relationship

    Today’s article focuses on how sex focused around an orgasm can put a lot of stress on both parties, and even lead to break ups in some cases. We will discuss what the goal of sex really should be.

  • Date Night Ideas Part 2

    One of the hardest things to do is come up with ideas for date night. Where can you go, what can you do, and how can you do it without breaking the bank? Today we discuss some ideas.

  • Date Night Ideas Part 1

    One of the hardest things to do is come up with ideas for date night. Where can you go, what can you do, and how can you do it without breaking the bank? Today we discuss some ideas.

  • From Prude To Lewd

    Our adventure from sexual repression to complete openness.

  • Bipolar and Sex

    I am diagnosed Bipolar II and my medication, like most antipsychotics, has caused me to lose my sex drive. This article is about my experience and how I handle the lack of desire with my live in boyfriend.

  • The Guide to Moving in Together

    So you think you're ready to move in together? I don't mean to be your mom, but are you sure? Check out this guide to make sure you've crossed your Ts and dotted your Is!

  • Sexual Myths: Debunking Them Part 4

    Today’s article focuses on some common sexual myths you might have heard and helps to explain why they are wrong.

  • Ways to Get Your Partner In The Mood

    Today we are going to discuss ways which you can increase you and your partner’s sex drives for those times when one of you isn’t feeling that horny.

  • "Is She Wearing A DOG Collar?" (How To Maintain Some Of Your Kink In A Vanilla Setting, Without Scaring People, Part One)

    Wouldn't life be grand if all the kinksters of the world could run around in latex catsuits and spiked leather corsets, flogging each other and kneeling at their Master's feet under the table at McDonalds without worry? Unfortunately, the world is not quite ready for that; however, it IS possible to keep some of the kink alive, even when your local church group may be watching. Here are some tips to "vanilla-ize" your kinky relationship when necessary.

  • Making Friends With the Ladies Downstairs

    I've lived my life perpetually jealous of women who have an easy going relationship with their clit or g-spot. I always felt like I was in some kind of cold war with my body. I have decided to try to accept what my body likes instead of trying to trick it into liking what others do.

  • Being Super Mom, and a Super Spouse

    There are never enough hours in the day to accomplish all the tasks of being a mother. It's harder still to have the energy to be a pleasing spouse after the tasks are complete. It can be done, though!

  • Sex Toy Envy

    Men masturbate. Women masturbate. That's just the way it is...

  • Another How-To Guide for the Aspiring Deep Throater

    Lesson one: Throw away the how-to guides.

  • Alone Time

    Having a partner is great, but sometimes you need alone time for yourself.

  • A Rekindling

    My boyfriend and I found ourselves in a bit of a rut, and this is how we worked our way out of it.

  • A Sexless Relationship

    Is it possible for a sexless relationship to last?

  • A boost of confidence

    Being shy in the bedroom can sometimes feel like you're just plain boring; even if you have an amazing imagination, you are too reserved to share. Here are some tips on how to spice things up, and how not to feel like you're putting yourself out there to get embarrassed and let down.

  • Don't Just Lie Back And Hope You'll Enjoy It

    You want your man to learn how to eat pussy? First, you should learn how to be eaten.

  • It's Only Premature If He Cums Before You Get There

    Taking the sting out of premature ejaculation

  • These Feet Were Made For... Jerking?

    You've used your hands, your breasts, your mouth, and he keeps on coming back for more. Now it's time to let your feet do the talking.

  • Marriage Equality

    Gay Marriage; it's such a hot topic today. However, have we forgotten the rights written in our own Constitution? have we forgotten that "all men are created equal," and the fact that we all have the right for our own pursuit of happiness?

  • Using the Warm Weather to Your Advantage

    Now that it's starting to warm up in the Western Hemisphere, how can you use the season change to your advantage? There are plenty of little ways the warm weather can not only help you refresh, revive, and renew your general state of mind, but your sex life as well!

  • Please Pass The Salt

    Life brings about inevitable change. No matter how much we detest it, it doesn't matter. People change, situations change, and feelings change. No good relationship isn't without its own set of issues. A perfect relationship doesn't exist, but there's a lot you can do to reintroduce some seasoning to your bland intimacy.

  • Sex and Babies: Can the two co-exist?

    Oh. My. God. Right there, that's the spot, keep going, keep going...oh god, I'm going to - OLD MACDONALD HAD A FARM, E-I-E-I-O

  • Oral Sex and Swallowing: How good is it?

    Many girls love to blow their boyfriends or partners before intercourse, or just for the sake of the activity. But sometimes guys cum during oral, and the question is: should the girl swallow or not?

  • Single vs. Involved

    The grass isn't always greener, whichever side of the fence you are on, though it often may appear it is. It's all a matter of perspective.

  • How to Spice up Your Sexual Life

    Many couples suffer from a lack of sexual interest in one another over time, causing sex to become less appealing and exciting. This is natural, but it doesn't mean that you can't fix it.

  • The Proper Way to Talk Dirty During Sex

    Many people like to dirty talk during sex to spice thing up, but it is important that you know how to dirty talk. You also need to know the limits of dirty talk.

  • Tired of Sex? Try Having It

    More and more married couples are falling into sexless ruts in recent years, but it doesn't have to be that way.

  • Mind Kink: Exploring Consensual Non-Consensual

    Consensual non-consensual (C.N.C.) is sometimes thought of as 'rape-play.' When done correctly and with respect for your partner, C.N.C. can be a very passionate and enjoyable thing. We've all had fantasies of being home alone and suddenly our partner dressed as a burglar comes in and 'burgles' us. The very idea of a trusted partner taking us forcefully and making us enjoy it can be highly erotic. C.N.C is a way to safely explore these fantasies and enjoy them fully.

  • The Trials of a Long Distance Relationship

    Long distance relationships can be insanely difficult. Without constant interaction in person, you can easily come across a variety of issues. However, it can be done. Let me show you how!

  • Anti-Depressants and your sex life.

    Being bi-polar took a toll on my sex life, so I got on medication and that took a toll on my sex life. I came to the realization that there is just no winning.

  • Mutual Masturbation is a wicked alternative to going "all the way"

    Looking for something new to do in bed? With a new partner and not ready to do the penetration route just yet? Having trouble figuring out exactly how your lover likes it? A bit of an exhibitionist or voyeur? Mutual masturbation may be new to some people, but it can be one of the hottest, simplest acts for both foreplay or the main attraction.

  • The New Year is Going to Bring More Intimacy to My House!

    With 2013 in full swing, I wanted to make this year more memorable than all the years preceeding it.

  • Getting the Snip, Part Three: Another Option

    After deciding as a couple to get a vasectomy (part 1) and discovering that complications would prevent this from happening quickly (part 2), we had to look again at our birth control options.

  • Men: Don't Feel Worried About Your Woman's New Sex Toy

    Many men feel anxious and uncomfortable when their woman gets a toy. I am here to tell them why they shouldn't feel that way.

  • The Forbidden Fruit

    Anal sex is one of those things that are considered a "taboo", but that is what makes it so interesting.

  • A Gentlemen Always Lets The Lady Cum First.

    Call it common courtesy. Call it being a gentlemen. Call it whatever you like. If you're allowing your lady to cum first, you, my friend, are a prime example of the refined, exquisite gentlemen of sex etiquette. Alas, many men out there refuse their lady this fine privilege. Hell, some don't even know if their partner has cum. This, my readers, can not go on any longer. Not in the year 2013!!! We outlived the Mayans for Christ sakes! Surely this too shall pass. I hope...

  • Our Agreement or How I Learned to Stop Stressing and Enjoy Sex Again

    My fiancé and I have an agreement about sex. Our agreement is that we will not engage in sex of any kind unless I am the one who initiates it. I know, it sounds a little bit strange, doesn’t it? Maybe even a little bit draconian? I thought so too at first, but this agreement has changed not only our sex life, but our relationship as whole for the better. But maybe I should back up a bit and start from the beginning.

  • What Rights?

    Many people bring up the idea of requesting a father's signature before a woman can get an abortion. These people do not think of the consequences of such actions. These measures are not only undue burdens, illegal under Roe v. Wade, but also horribly oppressive measures that would force women to give birth against their will.

  • The power in your feet - A guide to giving a fantastic foot job

    Did you know that the most common fetish in the western world is the foot fetish? Odds are good that your significant other likes your feet too. Or maybe you already know he does and you want to knock his socks off with a hot surprise. Or he asked if you would do it. If so, here are some tips for you to make your man moan and groan!

  • Clearing the hurdles: Our struggle to conceive a child (Part Six)

    Before we get into this, does anyone else see sex toys wherever you go? I think once you're around them long enough, you just naturally start to see dildos and vibrators in every day objects. Going to see a doctor will bring this out ten fold. Everything just eventually looks like a vibrator. Then suddenly the whole thing becomes something pulled from the pages of an erotic novel. Maybe it's just me. Probably. Have I mentioned that I am a little twisted? Anyway...let's move on.

  • Making Marriage Work

    Many marriages that end in divorce can be saved by ultimately targeting any issues the union may have and making a strong effort to openly communicate with their partners. Some marriages are irreparable but there are some that require a bit of TLC. So here is some advice on having a better relationship with your spouse and overall benefiting the relationship.

  • Clearing the hurdles: Our struggle to conceive a child (Part Five)

    I just realized that I have dragged you all in to a story that has no ending. It's still unwritten. This could have a tragic ending. Or hopefully, God willing, a very happy one. Either way, I'm sorry I lead you to this. I'm sorry you're here for the ride. Just be with me here, that's all I ask. No matter what, please know, I do not want to hurt you. Hopefully it will never come to that.

  • Clearing the hurdles: Our struggle to conceive a child (Part Four)

    The worst part of our struggle was about to unfold. It would change us forever and leave us wondering if this foolish wish was truly outside our grasp.

  • Simple Fantasies

    Fantasy; where does your mind go? Does it really have to be something unrealistic or improbable in order for it to be defined as a fantasy?

  • Clearing the hurdles: Our struggle to conceive a child (Part Three)

    Our battle to become pregnant had a lot of downs and one very special up.

  • Clearing the Hurdles: Our Struggle to Conceive a Child (Part Two)

    We have battled with ourselves, blaming everything from the types of lube we use, the possibility I have a low sperm count, straight down to the positions we use during sex. However in the end, the answer was still not clear. To put it simply, we are caught in the middle of a steeplechase of unknowns. All we can hope for is to clear these hurdles along the way.

  • Clearing the Hurdles: Our Struggle To Conceive a Child (Part One)

    My wife and I have been together for a little over eleven years now. In that time, we have had our ups and downs. A lot more downs then ups, to be honest. One of our constant struggles is the inability to get pregnant. Over the course of eleven years, we have had our fair share of heartache, near death experiences, and an unbelievable miracle that has has now become my lil' six year old whirlwind of energy. Even so, we still wish it was easier on us to conceive a child.

  • Define This: Monogamish

    Sounds related to monogamous, and it is - but it's not the same thing.

  • How to Deal With a Family Who Disapproves of Your Spouse

    While it is important to listen to what your loved ones have to say about your spouse, it’s also important for them to recognize and be respectful of your partner. The Holidays tend to arrive with enough stress and, when we’re spending time with family, we’re often reminded of the saying that "in-laws never get along." I have tips on how to handle situations, between your spouse and family for the upcoming Holidays, and not only that, but I have a back-up plan, just in case other plans fail!

  • Holiday Connection - Half of Them Come in Camouflage, Anyway

    An interesting swing on how no sex can bring a couple closer together.

  • The Naughty Stocking

    So it's the holiday season, a time of peace, love and joy, right? Or are you more like me, frantically shopping to get everyone on your list done, trying to pacify all the relatives and feeling like your love life goes on the back burner? Here's what I'm doing this year to make sure that doesn't happen.

  • Bringing a Fantasy to Life

    Each month, SexIs Social asks us to look at different topics. This month's focus is "Wish Lists" and this week is specifically about "Fantasy." We all have that favorite fantasy that we return to, I know I certainly do. One of my favorite repeat fantasies has helped me expand my own sex life.

  • Daddy's Home!

    Call me daddy. Ooh yeah, that's the way I like it!

  • Adding toys to your sex life.

    Are you curious about bringing a little bit of spice to the bedroom?

  • Understanding The Female Orgasm.

    If you've been having trouble reaching the big "O," it may not be your partner's inability to please you. It may be a misunderstanding as to what part of your lady bits needs to be manipulated for an earth-shattering climax.

  • My Journey of Self Discovery

    I've always been awkward, a prisoner only to my own anxieties and fears. I don't have legitimate fear of harm, but I fear what people might think of me.

  • Why Most Men Are Afraid of Sex Toys.

    Even in today’s day and age, most men still shy away from sex toys. They see them as a threat to their manhood, or even worse, a replacement for their god given penis. I'm here to tell all men to shut the funk up! Sex toys are not a dangerous thing that will destroy your relationship with your partner. Sex toys will enhance your love life tenfold. As long as you learn to stop worrying and fall in love with the joy that is a sex toy filled love life.

  • You Want Me To WHAT?!

    I'm sure many of us remember the introduction of toys and possibly porn into our current relationships. For some of you it may have been a fun adventure, others a continuation of your life as a single person, but for those like myself who were a bit naive, it experience. Luckily, I had a patient husband who did not give up on me and I think we know the end of the story, but let me tell you how we got there.

  • Here's What Not To Do.

    It seems as though sex and rocket science are on the same level of complexity. Yes it is fun, pleasurable, and exciting but without the right knowledge it could also be tricky. To avoid awkward silence and enjoy sex to the fullest, here is what NOT to say and do in the bedroom.

  • How Has Your Spouse Changed You?

    This month's theme here at SexIs Social is sexual freedom. We are free to express ourselves sexually, but we are all influenced by different people. When it comes to sex, your spouse or significant other can definitely play an influential and large role in your sexual life and identity.

  • Getting what you really want out of sex.

    I know a lot of couples who have fallen into the boring sex life routine, I was one of them! Finding your way out can be a hard road, but it can be done!

  • The power in your hands - part II

    So you already know the basics of a handjob, and maybe even have a few techniques you can vary, but you're looking for more options? Read on to learn how to make your guy smoking hot for you.

  • Introducing porn into a relationship!

    Are you trying to get your partner to watch porn but don't know how? Well read my article. I'm here to help you.

  • A Relationship Based On Cheating: Deal Breaker or Not?

    This story is far from typical, it does have cheating spouses, betrayal, triumph and wrenching decisions. It also has a huge twist... and a unique perspective. This is the other woman's story and its ending- well, I will let you read it for yourself.

  • Make sex a priority this year...

    If the intimacy in your relationship is seemingly absent then it may time to take the initiative and reignite that spark.

  • Anxiety and Submission

    How being a submissive Daddy’s little girl has helped me work on my anxiety.

  • I Am a Woman Who Has No "Window"

    As I get older, I find that more and more women are disinterested in sex. I however, have the opposite issue.

  • Defeating Succorbenoth- The Demon Of Jealousy

    We agonize over it, we hide from it, we even build walls and defenses against it, but the only time we ever defeat this bastard emotion is when we turn and face it. You cannot fight what you refuse to see.

  • Communicating about sex

    Do you think it's good to talk during sex or even about sex? Most people are too embarrassed to talk during sex. It helps you get to know what each other likes better, and can even help you in the long run.

  • Out of Lies, Truth

    Is it possible that out of all the lies I told to pursue an extramarital affair, truth was revealed?

  • Don't Get Into A Fight With A Penis Pump...

    We have all had that moment, the deal breaker... but what do you do when the moment lingers? Well, just ask me. I seem to have, well, weird luck. Not good luck or bad luck; just weird luck. So, how does a penis pump enter into this? Keep on reading...

  • Getting the Snip, Part Two: Complications

    Sometimes you do everything right and things still go wrong. In Getting the Snip, Part One, I told the story of how my boyfriend and I made the decision that vasectomy was right for us. This is what happened when he went for his vasectomy appointment.

  • Long Distance: Keeping Passion Alive

    When you're in a long distance relationship, it might be difficult to keep the passion in the relationship, but it can be done when you are willing to work hard.

  • Group Sex For Monogamous Couples: The Devil Is In The Details

    When my wife and I were offered a foursome by a couple of very close friends, it brought up more questions than I ever thought possible

  • Forget Time Outs And Counting To Ten, Here's How We Fight

    Being with my partner for six years does not make me an expert, by far, but I've learned many useful ways to communicate during a mini upset, an argument and a full-on fight. I've been able to make big changes in the ways I was programmed to communicate my anger and sadness. So I want to share what works for us during the light situations and the heated, angry ones too. Maybe these will be of help to you.

  • Makin' A Baby

    We all know that sex has another purpose other than just being fun. But what happens when you decide to start trying to get pregnant instead of avoiding it?

  • Getting the Snip, Part One

    This series of articles will detail the experience of getting a vasectomy. In this part, I discuss how my boyfriend and I decided that vasectomy was the right form of contraception for us. The next part will cover his experience of the procedure itself, and then I will write about how the procedure is affecting our relationship and our sex life.

  • A BDSM Contract

    You want to get into a 24/7 BDSM relationship, but don't know where to start? A contract is a great place to state what you expect to give and receive, and a great way to keep the lines of communication open.

  • Roleplaying as a Way to Discovery

    Roleplaying is a healthy and exciting way to explore new avenues in your sexuality. Once you get used to being someone different you can have all sorts of fun and explore your desires in a safe environment.

  • The “O” Isn’t Always All

    I’m a huge fan of orgasms. Huge. Hell, I’m a damn groupie. I’ll pursue orgasms like deadheads used to follow the Grateful Dead—and then Phish after Jerry Garcia died. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who likes the “big O” more than me (though admittedly, you’ll find plenty of people who like them just as much as me).

  • Why I Don’t Care About Gay Marriage (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)

    Gay marriage is a huge political issue now, with states overturning DOMA and the institution of gay marriage in several states in the last few years. Don't get me wrong--that's great. But we queers need to get our priorities straight.

  • A Stripper’s Guide to Seduction

    Men are visually stimulated and predisposed to longing to spread their seed. This appeal is on a purely instinctual level. Women are sexual creatures who are instinctual exhibitionists who are aroused when a man desires them. Often times, by playing a sexual charged game of cat and mouse, she explores her own lusts and temptations.

    With these tips you can open the door to new experiences during your playtime that both you and your partner are sure to love.

  • The Social Lover: Your Guide To Having More Communicative Sex

    Your partner spanked you for the first time the other night and you loved it, but now they ask you how far you want to take things— You struggle with your response.

  • Opening Up (Or Newer Can Definitely Be Better)

    How open-minded are you in the bedroom? One of the Community Choice topics this month deals with how open-minded you are. Being open-minded is a good thing, though not every new thing you try will always be successful. But some of these new things can really add a certain spice to the bedroom.

  • The Raw Truth About Infidelity

    Easily considered the most dangerous and destructive occurrence in a relationship, infidelity provokes a range of thoughts and emotions, few of them good, but how often does it really occur? Can you predict infidelity? And why do we cheat at all?

  • Isn't That You On The Screen?

    You can find anything on the Internet. Including, apparently, footage of your friends having sex.

  • God Loves Sex Too

    We've basically been told sex is wrong all our lives. A lot of us have grown up under the impression that God views all sex -- even between a married couple -- as dirty. Despite the need to re-inform, we shouldn't be spending our love-making time feeling guilt because in our hearts it feels like we're sinning. Guess what? God loves sex too! The idea that God is opposed to sex is false, and I'm here to tell you how I happen to come to this conclusion.

  • The Triumph Of A Human Punching Bag.

    Have you ever watched someone practicing their punching and speed on a small punching bag that is dangling on a chain hanging from the ceiling? The little bag flying back and forth, never veering from its path as it goes back time after time for another punch? Have you ever wondered what would happen if only one time that little punching bag veered off course and actually fought back? Once upon a time I was a little punching bag, and I veered off course and fought back. This is my story...

  • Sex in someone else's house

    In a moment of passion, would you have sex while in your family's house?

  • Depression and its affect on the partner

    Depression does not just decrease sexuality, sometimes it can increase it. I will tell you about my personal experience with hypersexuality and how my partner was affected.

  • Putting It In Drive

    People don't have the same sex drive. Some have extremely high ones, some not so much. A Community Choice topic this month is what do you do when your partner's sex drive doesn't match up with your own. I'm here to talk about a relationship with two different speeds as far as sex drives go.

  • Shut Up and Kiss Me

    I have undeniable sexual chemistry with my boyfriend. We can’t lay next to each other without going at it like bunnies. I never want to lose that, but sometimes I just want to enjoy kissing without worrying about what happens next.

  • Why Not Let Everyone Be Happy?

    I’m going to talk about the equality in the marriage field. I only have one question, Why not let everyone be happy? Nobody runs to a happily married straight family and says, “Hey please don’t kiss in front of me or my kids, it makes me uncomfortable.” So why do we feel the right to tell homosexual couples this exact sentence? I don’t think that is right in my opinion.

  • First Time Tips

    While many feel society falsely portrays ‘the first time’ as magical and are consequently disappointed, I was led to believe the opposite and was happily surprised. I am here to tell you that giving away your virginity can be a positive experience if it is with the right person and if you prepare properly.

  • Admitting It's Not All About You

    Sex is a very personal thing and sometimes we get caught up in our own pleasure. While you may think you're entirely giving in bed, there are still ways to open up and consider your partner more, which in turn will help draw you closer.

  • The Spirituality of Sex

    Do you like sex? Do you like ambiance? If there's one thing we learned from ice-cream sandwiches, it's that good things are always better combined. (Or, well, usually, at any rate. We received quite a different message from jalapeno jelly beans.)

  • Role-Playing – probably not the kind you’re thinking.

    Plenty of couples have tried their hand at role-playing – anything from a sexy nurse to a police officer. But have you ever tried acting as a specific character? Don’t laugh yet – it can be a lot more fun than you think!

  • The Dichotomy of Me

    My daily and bedroom personalities don't match. What does that say about me? Does it say anything at all?

  • Huge Mood Killers

    There are so many things that affect our moods in the bedroom, so many of them under our control.

  • Submissive Journals: The Benefits Of Having Your Sub Keep A Daily Journal

    In one of my previous articles, I briefly talked about having a sub journal. I've decided to expand on the subject a bit more, since I received some questions. This is part one of a two part series. In this section, I will focus on why journals are important and also address some common ways they are used. Part two will be a how to guide on writing, and some helpful tips and tricks I've learned.

  • Kink From Afar: Dealing With Long Distance In A BDSM Relationship.

    We all know that long distance relationships are hard, but what if you add BDSM into the mix? Both BDSM and long distance relationships require a lot of work to maintain just by themselves. If you happen to combine the two, you're in for a wild ride! How to keep the kink alive when you're apart.

  • BDSM 101

    So you're interested in learning more about BDSM or even ready to start going down that road? Read on and I'll describe a few of the things that you might want to try out, without sending you running for the hills.

  • It's Not Easy Being Green

    Jealousy. We've all experienced it and it can do permanent harm to a relationship. How do you handle jealousy like an adult and keep it from harming your relationship?

  • Looking to try something new? It's not as scary as you think.

    Many think about trying new things in the bedroom, especially with the 50 Shades of Grey craze going on throughout the country right now. It's time to stop being afraid of what might be too weird or freaky and give it a shot! Easing into new territory might not be as hard as you're imagining.

  • How To Make Your Own Amateur Porn Not Suck

    If your going to make porn at home, you may as well know how!

  • Why Can't We Be Friends?

    Breakups are hard, there's no doubt about that. But when you end it with someone or they end it with you, then why can't a friendship blossom from the ashes?

  • Strip Teaser - The Art of Ultra Sexy Exotic Dance at Home

    Dare to experience something new in your love life? Surprise your lover with a sexy striptease at home!

  • The Seven Stages Of Breaking Up

    Every relationship goes through its ups and downs. There are always compromises to be made and ways to advance further into a deeper state of intimacy and togetherness with your partner. However, there are some times when no matter how many compromises you make or how hard you try, it just isn't working. Ending a relationship is probably one of the most difficult things to do, especially when you're married or have children together; trust me, I would know.

  • Variety is the Spice of Life

    Sex is a huge part of any relationship, whether you're sexually active all the time or tend to be the kind of couple that only gets it on every so often, sex is important. While the cuddly, cute, "let's make love" kind of sex is enjoyable, spicing things up can be just as much fun if not more. I've recently decided to take my sexual relationship and turn up the volume a few notches, and DAMN is it making a lot of noise.

  • SexIs Subjective: Marriage Equality

    As a married woman, I find marriage to be about commitment and willingness to work together, regardless of how "traditional" your relationship is.

  • Blowjob Tips!

    This is just a quick little guide along with some tips for how to get better at giving blowjobs, based on personal experience.

  • Variety Is the Spice of Life

    Trying new things can be scary, and so some people stay in their comfort zone. But trying new things, especially in the bedroom, can be a lot of fun. By carefully and thoughtfully introducing things to your lover, the sky is the limit when it comes to fun in the bedroom.

  • Mysteries of the Male Ejaculate: A Matter of Taste

    There is so much that goes unasked and unspoken between a man and woman. Since orgasms really begin and end in the mind and so much of sex is psychological, understanding each other's sexual needs, wants, fantasies and expectations can be a wonderful turn-on, and create a deeply passionate connection.

  • Coming Out Of My Cocoon!

    Before I made my way to EdenFantasys, my sex life was not something I talked about. I have really come out of my cocoon and have learned so much, not only about myself but about my husband and best friend as well.

  • Making Noise

    Who doesn’t like positive feedback? I mean, when you are working hard, it’s really nice to know that you are making a good impression. For some, it is hard to vocalize their enjoyment. I have oscillated from being a talker, moaner, and silent companion depending on what my relationships are like. I have found that the more feedback I give and receive; the better the sex is for everyone.

  • Talking about it.

    I am an American. I am a woman. These two things mean that I was socialized to be ashamed of being a sexual being. That shame didn’t last long, but it was an intense few years learning to shrug it off.

  • Fun with Blow Jobs

    Check out this article for some fun tips to stimulate your partner during oral sex.

  • Role Play: Nerdy or Sexy?

    Some people find role play too nerdy for the bedroom, but what's really holding you back?

  • Talk Dirty To Me Baby

    Dirty talk, it isn't just for porn is it? Have you ever been in a public place and gotten totally turned on by something your lover whispered in your ear? Or gone nuts when they cried out something in bed? If not, then we need to have a talk.

  • Bondage Around the House

    So you want to try bondage? You don't want to go out and buy fancy handcuffs or rope from a hardware store? That's ok, there are everyday household items you can use for your little fantasy!

  • Real Men Eat Pussy—and Kiss Ass

    I don't believe that all things must be equal in a sexual relationship—few things in life in general, much less in any kind of human relationship, are truly equal. We all have ways in which we intentionally or unintentionally get over on someone else or receive more than another person in the course of human dynamics.

  • When "Doing Your Wifely Duties" Becomes a Chore

    When I first discovered EdenFantasys, I hadn’t read or even heard of the 50 Shades of Gray series. Now seven months after placing my first order, who would ever imagine I would be living my own series; that my whole sexual being would be change.

  • My Favorite Outdoor Location

    I’ve recently rediscovered the fun from having sex outdoors can be. When I was a teenager, this was an ordinary occurrence, but as I grew older and became married sneaking around like a couple teenagers wasn’t a necessity anymore.

  • Fantasy Land

    As the parent of a toddler, the greatest place on Earth right now for him seems to be the Magic Kingdom. While researching a trip to the so called “Happiest place on Earth” I started thinking about the name for one part within the theme park, Fantasy Land.

  • Female or Male ? That is the question.

    Haven't you ever wondered how it would be if you was in your spouse’s shoes, and you changed sex? Well I'm Jaylin and I was born a female but ever since I was younger, I always wondered how it would be if I was a male instead of a female. Don't get me wrong I love being a female but I just think men got it easier than females.

  • The Poly Male, or Rational Polyamory

    How do two men share a woman without killing each other? It's much more about respect, and love, and less about animalistic furry and marking of territory. I want to explain how my friend and I share a woman without murdering each other.

  • Submission in a few of its forms.

    There are as many ways to submit as there are people in the world submitting, but there are a few different ways that these get lumped together.

  • Music to Set the Mood

    Music is something that can elevate, or totally destroy a sexual encounter. Everyone has their own idea of music to create a vibe, and almost everyone's is different.

  • Your favorite movie can be a great sex enhancer.

    How can an action movie get you some action?

  • Avoiding the Fire

    Oftentimes people will refer to their love or sex life as being “on fire”. I’ve used this same saying when describing an out of control fight.

  • Why fetishes are a good thing

    In today's society, fetishes have a very negative connotation. On a very special episode of "rants by Mine Fujiko," we discuss why fetishes can actually benefit people.

  • 10 Steps to Making Your Own Summer Romance

    When people think of a ‘summer romance,’ a very distinct image comes to mind. You know the one. Two people on a sexual adventure free of hassles, commitment, or drama. Everyone dreams of this at one point or another, but before you start fantasizing about what could be, humor me for a minute.

  • A New Awakening: The introduction & acceptance of porn in my relationship.

    Have you ever had an epitome? One that has changed your outlook on a very minor area of your life and then turned it into a major part of your relationship? A realization so profound that it changed your sexual relationship with your partner?

  • Spicing Up Our Sex Life

    July 19th 2012 is my husband and I ninth wedding anniversary and thirteenth year we have been together. In this time we have experienced many different things together. We have found jobs and quit them to do something different, had two children, went back to school, I became a stay at home parent, lost family members, but through it all we have stuck by each other and helped each other through whatever we may be experiencing at the time.

  • Our Lazy Afternoon

    During a lazy afternoon in, my boyfriend and I figured out a new way to make each other feel good.

  • In Praise of Lingerie

    It seems for most men that what they want most is to see a woman fully nude and ready to do all sorts of unspeakable to them. I'm a bit different. I want a woman to do those unspeakable things to me and with me, but I want her wearing something more than her birthday suit.

  • Seeing Red in the Bedroom

    The idea of having sex during my period always freaked me out. After some research, I decided to give it a shot.

  • It's Not Just About Sex

    For the Guys: How touching your favorite spots on her can be her new favorite thing.

  • How many Wrongs does it take for me to find Mr. Right?

    The touch of his body next to mine makes me feel safe. When he kisses me, I close my eyes and my mind floats away. He fixes his mouth to say "I love you" and my heart just melts.

  • Long Distance: Enjoying the Now

    Long distance relationships are certainly not easy, but they are just as valid as other kinds of relationships. Here's what works for my relationship -- maybe it will work for yours, too.

  • Stay Cool, Man

    Who doesn’t love summer? When you were a kid you got out of school and had nothing to worry about except when the pool opened and whether or not the girl down the street thought you were cute. Now that we’re adults there are a few more things on your mind during the day, but summer is still awesome.

  • Long Distance Love: Sex Without Contact

    Do you remember the first time you spent an extended period of time away from your partner? How do you maintain intimacy when you're thousands of miles apart?

  • Embracing Kink

    How do you find a partner who's into kinky sex? You may already have the answer!

  • How Not to Win Friends and Influence People. Or Get a Date Via the Internet.

    Everyone's had them: rude, ignorant, or downright offensive emails. Usually, I just ignore them. This time, I got mad.

  • Cyber Sex Part Two

    Do your fingers freeze up at the keyboard trying to figure out what to say during cybersex? Can you think of anything besides mmmmmmmm....or oh yeah baby. Unable to find anything on the internet I have gathered some examples that I would like to share with you.

  • 'Fun'damentals of BDSM

    Topping and Domming, submitting and bottoming. All four terms are closely related in the BDSM world, but what on earth do they all mean, and what exactly is the difference? What is a Top? What is a Dominant? And what are sub- and Dom-space?

  • How To Have Amazing Sex

    I was fortunate enough to attend a course that was in part taught by leading sex therapist and sex researcher, Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz. One of the things she discussed was a study her and her fellow colleagues conducted to learn about what components tend to be involved in reaching “optimal” sexuality.

  • Sex Toys in the New Relationship

    Should you share your toys with your lover? Yes, you should! If you don't share the fact that you use sex toys with your lover, you're only hurting your relationship in the long run.

  • Marriage Warning

    Without fail you've heard it. Perhaps someone has said it to you or maybe you've said it to others before, but everyone has heard the warning; with marriage comes the death of your sex life.

  • From Wife to Slave

    A month before our six year anniversary, we went from husband and wife to Master and slave. My life shifted gears when I became his, but learning a new dynamic didn't happen overnight like I expected. We've come far in a month, but now more than ever I realize how this is a journey, not a race.

  • BDSM Training Schools Online

    School is in session for Dominants and Submissives alike with several online institutions to choose from offering everything from the basics of BDSM to the intricacies of specific fetishes, relationships and even legal matters.

  • Where Angels Fear To Tread... Building a Permanent Relationship From the Foundation of Domestic Abuse.

    Have you ever heard a heart break? Watch a person's soul shatter during a fall? Looked into the eyes of someone whose flame was callously turned to ash? Did you ever die inside, one piece at a time, at the hands of your abuser? The man who promised to love and cherish you, honor and protect you, until death do you part.

  • How to deal with different libidos in long-term relationships

    Discrepancy in sex drives is one of the most common issues that sexual couples face. Included in this article are not only reasons for why someone may be struggling with low sexual desire, but ways of improving the situation for everyone involved as well.

  • Women are not the victims

    In the dating game, women nowadays seem to be reaping feelings of entitlement and are left bitter and underwhelmed by their selection pool. Let's put ourselves in the man's shoes for a minute.

  • You wanna do what?!?

    Years ago, before I was serious about anything in my life, I was involved in a relationship that was purely focused on carnal needs. We certainly didn't imply catching a movie when we said, “Hey, you wanna hang out tonight?” The agenda was sex. What's funny to me isthat it isn't the sex that I remember. It's something so insanely simple he said so long ago that dug in and made a home in my mind.

  • EdenFantasys, how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

    Everything that has been positive in my sex life within the last ten months has been because I found a wonderful place called EdenFantasys. EdenFantasys has been the center of my growing sexual confidence, and I am so thankful for stumbling upon them.

  • How to Come Into Yourself

    I discovered EdenFantasys just about a year ago. I was reading a blog that I follow and someone had posted a link to where they purchased their latest sex toy. I clicked on the link, and I won’t say that my life was transformed from that moment on, but my sex life has definitely never been the same. Between the selection of toys, the ways I interact in the community and the writing that I do here on SexIs I’ve been able to really come into my own sexually.

  • Cyber Me Sexy

    Where, how, and why would you want to have cybersex? Where do you find someone with similar needs and what should you expect?

  • When The Bread of Your Relationship is Getting Stale and Dry

    Let’s be honest; there are always new products and ideas for spicing up your sex life, but what about the non-related sex aspect of the relationship? It’s like a loaf of bread. After awhile of just sitting there, it becomes hard, perhaps a bit moldy, and just unappealing all around. So what can we do?

  • Loving the Broken: Three Women Coping with Marriage to a Military Man with PTSD

    What would you do if the man you loved was taken away from you? For many military wives, post-traumatic stress disorder can effectively steal away a beloved husband.

  • Suck It!

    Who really likes giving head anyway? I do, I do! Let me help you like it too.

  • Makeup-Breakup-Repeat: Facebook Style

    We all know at least one couple that sticks to the pattern of breaking up, making up, and repeating. Heck, I’ve even had a relationship (or two) in the past that followed this pattern. It was pretty ridiculous and pointless. Now that we’ve got social media websites like Facebook, it seems that these couples are making their personal dramas public for all to see. Seriously, I’m like, “what the eff?”

  • Keeping it Fresh in a Long-Distance Relationship

    As the summer nights grow hotter, many people bristle at the added body heat of their partner, but for many college students, among other people, it’s the absence of their heat that stings far worse. This is the season for long distance relationships, as couples leave college and return to their respective homes for the summer. Months apart can be daunting. To survive this time apart there are many “Dos and Don’ts” each person should consider.

  • Is Porn Cheating? And Who Gets to Decide?

    There’s this idea going around sex-positive circles that watching porn isn’t cheating. Someone, usually a woman, will say she’s uncomfortable with her boyfriend’s porn consumption, and feels that he is cheating on her. And she gets smacked down, told in every reply that she needs to get over her insecurities and let her man be a man.

  • The Jealousy Demon

    We've all heard advice that sounds good on the surface. But if your partner really doesn't like something you do for yourself, like masturbation, is it vital to the marriage that you respect his/her comfort level and sacrifice the behavior for the benefit of your marriage? Does this really help your partner? Or could it be that this sort of self denial actually causes more problems in the long run?

  • Sex Not Going as Planned? Here are Three Steps to get Back to Pleasure.

    It happens to the best of us. You're in the moment, fully enjoying every kiss, stroke, and lick...until you're not. You start thinking about the laundry that needs to get done or that fight we had with whoever or the bills that need to get paid and before you know it, you are just over it. Sex? Not anymore. These three steps are my sure-fire way to move through those moments and back to your

  • So, You Read ‘Fifty Shades’, and Now You Want to be a Sub…

    Yes, I get it. You read all three of the ‘Fifty Shades’ books in one weekend, you’ve looked up some stuff on the Internet about BDSM, and now, you’re DYING to be a sub, right? You even typed up a contract just like the one in the book, went and bought a pair of handcuffs, and put a wanted ad in the craigslist personals looking for a Dom. Right?

  • When the BDSM Lifestyle gets abruptly put on hold, what happens next?

    You are deeply into the BDSM lifestyle with your significant other and life makes those unexpected changes on you. Where are you to go next? You always move forward. You keep living from day to day and hope that one day, the answer to all your questions will just glow on the top of your head like a light bulb. You begin to get into the passion and have these uncontrollable urges to do incredibly taboo things with your lover at ridiculous times of the day/night.

  • Domestic Discipline vs. Spanking Fetish: One for each Cheek

    "Do you need a spanking, young lady?" he would ask me in a firm warning tone. "No sir." Yes.

  • Fearlessly Optimistic about Sensual Kink

    The Lights are low, the music is playing in the background. The massage oils are warm, and your partner is waiting.

  • How EdenFantasys Saved My Sex Life

    Eden Fantasys is more than just an online sex store. It is a sex positive online community that has changed my life.

  • EdenCommunity: Home Away From Home

    When first looking into sex toys and sexual health, there's a big, vast world out there. Tons of websites host these products, but none held the sense of security and safety that I found within EdenFantasys. Not only did they welcome me in and make sex toys and sexual health seem harmless and inviting, but they also opened up the door for discussion with other users on the site making me feel more comfortable with my purchases.

  • Just What the Marriage Counselor Ordered

    This month, our parent company EdenFantasys is celebrating 10 sexy years of business! To honor the anniversary, we asked the EdenFantasys Community to tell us what being a member of our community has done for them. This is what SexyStuff had to say.

  • No Inhibitions on Vacation

    What is it about going on vacation that can totally unleash something in you and your significant other?

  • Keeping It Hot Without Melting

    I live in Arkansas. Not only does it get hot in the summer, but it's suffocating with the humidity. You can’t walk outside for more than a few minutes at a time before you’re ready to go inside. The heat just gets to you. And don’t even think about going outside at noon. Fortunately, my husband and I grew up here and have learned ways to keep cool in the summer while still enjoying each other.

  • Touch Me There

    Having a partner that will experiment with you is one of the greatest things in a relationship. Having someone that you trust implicitly is essential for any truly great relationship. And letting that person do things with you that you wouldn’t let anyone else do can be incredibly sexy.

  • Money Talks, or Does It?

    Recently, I read an article discussing whether or not gender equality had changed the rules on who should pay on a date. Like the author, I also grew up thinking that when I was older and dating, the man would automatically pay for the first date, and probably any future dates. It was his responsibility assigned to him by gender, right?

  • Money Talks: Should he pay?

    Should men still be held responsible and expected to shoulder the financial burdens? Even in such small things as paying for the first meal?

  • My Dream

    What happens when your dream doesn’t run along side your lover’s?

  • Hot Sex: How to Avoid Heat Stroke in the Bedroom

    “Don’t touch me.” I can be heard using this phrase on a fairly regular basis in the summertime.

  • Sex and Pregnancy: Trimester Two

    My second trimester started out with a bang. Two, to be exact.

  • 50 Shades of Setting the Mood

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the new book “50 Shades of Grey” by E.L. James. In case you haven’t, it’s a story about a woman becoming submissive to a man. And that in no way fully describes the book, I know.

  • Confronting Pandora’s Box

    I tried incorporating things into the sexual activities with my lost love. He unenthusiastically obliged and never gave it any full effort. It’s not something I want to ever feel like someone is doing only to satisfy me. I want them to do it because they enjoy it, as well.

  • Sex After Baby

    Couples, who have had a child, or more than one, have had to confront the issue of their sex lives after the little bundle of joy comes into the picture.

  • My Not-So-Funny Valentine

    Dateless? Don’t sulk. Buy yourself an Oreo cheesecake, a pair of shoes or a night at the girly bar and count yourself lucky this stuff isn’t happening to you.

  • Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Simple, Sexy, Fun Edition

    Valentine’s Day is one of the most complex, pressure-laced holidays, gift-giving wise. You’re set up to believe you can’t just pop off to the market and grab any old thing to take back to your romantic interest.

  • The Hardest Words To Say

    Why are the smallest words in our language the hardest to say? When looked at impassionately, these opposing tiny words are easy to write and say. They practically draw no attention; that is until we add emotion. Then they can become almost impossible to use. What are we talking about? The words that compose the shortest sentences in our language: “Yes”, and “No.”

  • A Conversation On Faith, Love & Open Relationships with Rusty Lazer and Corinne Loperfido

    Recently, Loperfido and Lazer took the time to speak to TinaV about their new blog and the specifics of their open relationship.

  • Sex and Pregnancy: The First Trimester

    It's possible there are as many myths and misconceptions about sex and pregnancy as there are babies being born. So what's fact and what's fiction? In this three-part series, Lady J, as a part of her own pregnancy journey, takes us through sex and pregnancy, one trimester at a time.

  • Creating and Nurturing Open Relationships

    You've considered it. Maybe you've even talked about it, but how do you actually go about opening your relationship to include other people? The direction and design depend on you, but there are important principles to keep in mind to ensure success.

  • The Secret Life of the Polyamorous

    What they don't tell you when you sign up to join a poly household...

  • Merging the Madonna and the Whore

    The day has come to start bridging the gap between being a mom and being a slut.

  • Polyamory for Monogamists

    Whether you're the one excited about trying poly or the partner who's been approached to open up the relationship, you don't have to just guess and hope about the outcome of this venture. There are things to think about, scenarios to talk about, and tools to use to figure out whether your monogamous relationship has a good chance of withstanding the switch to polyamory.

  • Obligatory Sex

    Are there occasions when you owe your partner the obligation to have sex with them?

  • Combating Cat Interference In Your Sex Life

    You have a cat, you know the deal: ownership goes both ways. Your furry companion has some ideas about when and how you should offer up affection, entertainment, and snacks. Often, those of us with cats fancy ourselves as the center of their universe, while they seem to think of us as personal assistants barely earning our keep—and that can make bedroom shenanigans complicated, to say the least.

  • What My Sex Toys Taught Me

    If someone had told me a couple of years ago that my sex life could be completely different—better than it’s ever been—I probably wouldn’t have believed them, and worse, possibly not even cared.

  • Forget the Hearts & Flowers: A Kinkier Guide to Valentine's Day

    Not everyone is a “roses-n-chocolates” kind of lover. Some of us are even irked by the idea of a greeting-card-industry “holiday.” But that doesn't have to stop them from making the most of the sexy mood permeating everything from grocery stores to restaurants come February 14. Here are some suggestions for enjoying V-Day for those of us with darker tastes & kinkier vibes (including singles)!

  • A Partner's Past: How Much Do You Want to Know?

    I know how many sexual partners are lurking in my husband’s past. I know one had MY first name. Another is heir to a well-known salad dressing fortune. I know he never contracted a sexually transmitted disease. This is all I know. This is all I WANT to know.

  • Kiri Blakeley: Otherwise Engaged

    You are planning to marry the perfect man, or so you think...but what do you do when your fiance comes out as a homosexual? Kiri Blakeley tells all in her just-released book.

  • Cock Teases

    Novelty condoms put the funny back in fucking. Just be mentally prepared for that initial burst of laughter when you climb into bed with your blueberry-scented schlong.

  • Déjà Vu Dating

    Einstein’s definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Applying the same principle to your love life is a proven method to madness.

  • Conception Sex

    When you're trying to have a baby, you can take all your “preconceived” notions about the birds and the bees... and toss them out the window.

  • Tuesdays With Nina: Bipolar Lovin'

    Being treated for bipolar disorder or other medical conditions can complicate your sex life. Drugs can have an impact on your libido in ways that make it less responsive, or knock it out altogether. So, do you give up sex entirely, or are there solutions for improving the quality of your sex life?

  • Em & Lo’s Relationship Compatibility Test: Five Factors You Should Know About

  • Just Say, “I Don’t!”

    Gay Marriage May Not be the Only Way To Achieve Equality

  • Secrets of a Sex Writer: Letting Someone Into My Bed

  • The Naked Reader Book Club: Spontaneous Sexual Combustion

    If there’s anything that can rival the intoxication of nude bodies grinding together in a rush of passion, it’s bodies that were so wild with desire they didn’t have time to get nude.

  • The Man Project: David Steinberg

  • Best Sex Positions for Women vs. Men

  • Victoria Has Given Up Her Secret

    Professional sexy photo shoots for “regular” gals have gone mainstream. The resulting images make gift giving easy, but what’s really in it for you? Well, as the author’s wife says, “Hanging out in my lingerie all day was pretty damn nice.”

  • Tuesdays With Nina: Talking Dirty

    Sometimes, "aural sex" can be really hot, but how do you know what to say, and when to say it? How do you keep from cracking up? Learning the language of love can be difficult, but it's also dirty and fun. Just ask Nina.

  • Motorcycles and Sex: The Rapture of the Road

    There may be nothing you can legally do with your body more exciting and sensual than grabbing your partner and jumping on a motorcycle, at least in public. No other human experience heightens the senses and ignites instincts like climbing atop a great chuffing beast and heading out on the highway.

  • Tuesdays With Nina: Bringing Up Mutual Masturbation

    This week, Nina's taking on mutual masturbation. The timing is perfect, since May is Masturbation Month! How do you step out of your comfort zone and invite your partner to share in pleasures you previously kept to yourself?

  • The Naked Reader Book Club: Bedtime Stories—Lust and Long Distance

  • The End of “What If?”

    A recent story in the UK’s Telegraph reports that Facebook is cited in roughly one in five of the country’s online divorce petitions, but millions of avid users swear the reconnections are mostly harmless fun. Have these quantum leaps forward in technology created a society addicted to its past?

  • The Whole Camel Foot

  • How NOT to Spice Up Your Relationship

  • Tuesdays With Nina: Nina gives advice to a woman whose husband doesn’t want sex, Part 2

  • Tuesdays With Nina: Nina gives advice to a woman whose husband doesn't want sex, Part 1

  • The Naked Reader Book Club: Rewiring the Sexual Disconnect—How Surrogates Put People Back in Touch

    When the rules of society overrun the path to sexual satisfaction, sometimes, the only way to get back on track is with a little—or a lot—of hands-on help.

  • Tuesdays With Nina: Asking for Something New in the Bedroom

  • Tuesdays With Nina: Approaching Anal Play 101

  • Dr. Dick on Demand: Jerkology 201: The Fine Art of a Partnered Handjob

    His cock will be hypersensitive after he comes, so be gentle.

  • Becoming Orgasmic

    One definition of insanity is trying the same thing and expecting different results. The years that I’ve been sexually active have been great, but leave something to be desired. I’ve been getting it in, but I haven’t been getting off. Simply put: I have never experienced climax as a result of intercourse.

  • Chemo Sexual

    At 31, she was diagnosed with Primary Mediastinal Large B Cell (Non Hodgkin’s) Lymphoma. Described at times as “diffuse” and “aggressive,” this cancer targets white chicks in their early thirties. Now, 16 months into remission, the author looks back on her road to wellness, including some sexual detours along the way.

  • Tuesdays with Nina: Communication & Generosity

    Who is responsible for you having a happy sex life? Hint: It's not your partner. Nina explains that without a healthy emotional state, good communication, and mutual respect for one another, no amount of bedroom acrobatics will save a bad sex life.

  • Sharing Your Man With Pornography

    Women love men. Men love porn. While some wives hate their hubby’s smut habit, others have learned to embrace it… with some very satisfying results.

  • Tuesdays With Nina: Permission—Giving and Receiving

    When you're in bed, how often do you find yourself saying "no" to something that might actually be pleasing? A little too often? Find out why Nina says learning to give, accept and offer permission is the path to embracing your true potential, and unlocking the pathway to untold sexual pleasures.

  • The Vasectomy Trajectory

    Snip-snip, the Big V, or voluntary sterilization. No matter how you slice it (good one, right?), a vasectomy is a major decision. Fortunately, it’s a minor procedure—and a great excuse to spend the weekend on the couch.

  • Tuesdays with Nina: Cowgirl 101

    Today, Nina talks about how to conquer the Cowgirl position—or, to be more precise, how to do the “butt shimmy"—in a way that will make everybody happy!

  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying (About Masturbation) and Love the Porn

    When I moved in with my partner, I did something unthinkable: I stopped masturbating. Though we’d been sexually active before we moved in together, but I still masturbated occasionally, and, at 21, I needed to orgasm more than once a week. Still, I felt bad when I did it—almost like it was a betrayal of our relationship, and I promised myself that I’d stop when we moved in together.

  • Period Sex: Blood In, Blood Out

    On a 1 to 10 scale of Internet freakydeaky, I’d personally place period fetishes at a rather tame three or four. And if any of you wonderful readers have a lust for the moon blood, alas, this is not your story, but a quest to discover how many people are unwilling to go to town when Aunt Flo’s in.

  • Me and Tina Fey: A Ballad of Strippers, Sweat and Glitter

    I love strippers. I love their well-fitted bikinis. I love the way the move in high heels. I love the their upper body strength and flexibility. (Oh, the flexibility.) I love the bravery and unfettered sensuality. Showmanship turns me on. Tina Fey would never approve of me.

  • Dr. Dick on Demand: Making Marriage Work

    Getting ready to marry and finding yourself with a case of the cold feet? Never fear; Dr. Dick is here, with a primer for all you betrothed to-be to find your own sexual success.

  • On Spooning

    The Victorian Era added an important term to the sexual lexicon, other than merkin. When a family shared a bed, Mother and Father would instruct the kiddies to squish together and lie on their sides facing the same direction. Everyone stayed warm and more children could fit in the bed. Thus, spooning was born.

  • Tuesdays with Nina: An Intro to Threesomes

    How does a couple prepare for a threesome? How do you know if it’s right for you and your partner? Why is the fantasy often better than the reality? Nina explains it all!

  • Project: Good in Bed—Just Me and My G-String

    Last year, on Christmas Eve, I dressed in red lingerie, fishnets and heels, sauntered up to my husband, and said, “I am here to satisfy you in every way.” He rather enjoyed that gift, so I decided to make it a yearly tradition. This year, however, I wanted to take things up a notch. Rather than just dress up, I was going to perform. I would give him a strip tease to be remembered.

  • Pubescaping

    To shave or not to shave—that is the question. I've always sported hair in my southern hemisphere, so when I saw porn where the models are bare except for a landing strip, I wondered what it would be like to be clean-shaven. I trim during the summer to keep my little curls from saying "boo!" when I wear a swimsuit, so when my husband begged me to let him shave me, I figured it might be fun...

  • Dr. Dick on Demand: The Open Relationship Model

    Deviating from conventional model. Is it worth it?

  • The Joy of Fantasizing … About Your Wife

    What’s better than a daydream about a porn star, a pop star, or simply Star (she’s the new redhead in accounting)? Try some erotic make-believe starring your significant other.

  • Project: Good in Bed—Yes, I So Rocked His World!

    Last I wrote, I was feeling like an old, haggard, dull excuse for a wife—the very type of wife who might have a husband who wasn’t particularly interested in bedding down with her. I can tell you, worrying that you may no longer be attracted to your husband is one problem. Worrying that he may no longer be attracted to you? That’s a problem of an entirely different magnitude.

  • A Poly Lexicon

    Or, how not to get chewed up in the parlance of polyamory.

  • With Love, From Tia Tania

    Preparation for my boyfriend’s long-awaited visit to the Dominican Republic required more than just a pedicure and bikini wax. He was traveling with friends and there was no way I could sneak him into my host family’s home, so I had to find a place for us to reunite properly. This was the perfect opportunity to investigate the possibilities of the Dominican's many clandestine sex cabañas.

  • Project: Good in Bed—Am I Boring in Bed?

    Was he no longer attracted to me? I’d gained some weight. I knew that. My clothes were tight on me. Only one pair of pants fit comfortably. Was it the fleece? Or was it the sex?

  • Planes, Trains & Automobiles: Sex on the Move

    The ins and outs of sex on the go.

  • Clubbing and Coupling: Couples-Friendly is the New Gentlemen’s-Only

    Once the realm of just dudes, strip clubs are now increasingly the domain of frisky couples with a hankering for a bit of harmless naughtiness.

  • Sex and the Empty Nest

    Or, to put it another way, someday they will leave...

  • Project: Good in Bed—I Want to Have Sex. I Want to Have Sex…

    That’s what I’ve been telling myself...let's see if I can make it happen.

  • Geeky Love’s Guide to Cybersex

    Gamers and sex. I know these two words aren’t often paired in popular lexicon. Nonetheless, I feel it is my duty to inform you that gamers are having sex, lots of sex. While there are many things to be learned from the Gamer Sutra, today I’d like to focus on cybersex.

  • Synching Up Your Sexual Clocks

    At 6:00 each morning, you are likely to find me out cold. My husband on the other hand, is most likely laying next to me, wide-awake, trying to cajole me into a daybreak quickie. At this time of day I am barely capable of keeping my eyes open, much less my legs, and he knows this. However, this doesn’t stop him from trying—and hasn’t stopped him from trying for the last six years.

  • Faking the Big “O”

    News flash, folks: You may think you’re a powerhouse in bed who can get any partner off, but according to a University of Kansas study, of students they interviewed who were sexually active, 67 percent of women—and 30 percent of men—faked orgasms.

  • Surviving Infidelity: His, Mine and Ours

    Infidelity in marriage is like a Ming vase that’s been shattered by the person you loved and trusted most. That’s what my life felt like the night I found out my husband was cheating on me. I shared that with someone who’d been through it as well, and she said she wanted to turn her broken pieces into a beautiful mosaic. I think—and hope—that is what my husband and I have finally done.

  • Menopause and Andropause: Living with it

    Entering your 50s doesn’t mean the end of your sex life. It does however present two new wrinkles with which to deal: the double-miasma of menopause for women, and andropause for men. Newme21 shares her story.

  • Dr. Dick on Demand: Fighting Fair—a Tutorial

    I have just the thing for all you folks out there who are in a relationship. If you’re like every other couple I know, you have your share of tension. And let’s face it—tension leads to fighting. And fighting, if not done fairly, can lead to hurting your partner—even if that’s not your intention.

  • The Practicality of Polyamory

    Explaining your relationship status isn't easy when you've got a wife, a girlfriend, and a boyfriend (or what I like to call a Full Set). "It's complicated" doesn't begin to capture it. But while we may be unique, there are lots of people who practice polyamory. It can be pretty confusing for the participants themselves, so it's not always easy to explain to everyone else.

  • The Hand-Off: Handjobs, Him & You

    Men jack themselves off constantly. They can probably coax an orgasm out of themselves better than most women can because they know every nuance—the exact amount of pressure and stimulation needed—right? Well, no, actually.

  • Sexercise Your Way to Ecstasy

    Elizabeth Black takes a look at different exercise techniques designed to improve your sex drive—and sexual gratification.

  • Get Your Motor Running

    L. Jade muses on the acts that put the ‘auto’ back into erotica.

  • Sex and the Suburbs: I Promise to Love, Cherish and Not Get Caught?

    Cheating on one’s spouse has become big business—just ask Ashley Madison.

  • Hotel Sex: A Short Guide To Getting It On Away from Home

    Here's a hint: handcuffs + sprinkler system = disaster.

  • Sex and the Suburbs: Bi-Bi Mommy

    The last relationship I had before I met my husband was with a woman. Yes, I am a bi-sexual woman, although I am not a great fan of labels and can’t truly, with all honesty, say that I know that I fit the definition of that title to a tee. Nor do I really care.

  • High Infidelity: What Cheating Is (and Maybe Isn't)

    Lots of us do it. Some studies claim most of us do it. And if you believe what you see on cable news, it’s a prerequisite for a political career. Are we just a species that can’t say no?

  • Why Porn is Good for the Married Man’s Soul…Seriously!

    You might hear people make outrageous claims such as “Porn destroys more marriages than crack cocaine!” “Porn drives married couples apart!” I hate to break it to you, but that’s hogwash. Porn is the glue that holds families together. Porn is good. Porn is the bread and butter of any married person’s sexual existence. Porn is an integral part of 21st century living.

  • Sex and the Suburbs: To Watch or Not to Watch, That is The Question

    Many men already know the joys of pornography, whether it be a raunchy movie or some strategically shot photos on the internet—and aren’t afraid to sing their praises. However, most women I have spoken to regarding porn either love it or hate it, and there isn’t much middle ground.

  • Dr. Dick on Demand! The Anal Sex Guide: Giving and Receiving

    As promised, here’s Dr. Dick’s highly anticipated seminar on being a great ass-fuckin’ top. This is a companion piece to an earlier tutorial for you novice bottoms out there — Liberating the BOB Within. This tutorial is for anyone who is considering being a top, regardless of whether the meat injection is 100% prime, or a beef substitute (a strap-on dildo), these words of wisdom are for you.

  • Sex and the Suburbs: The Dry Spell

    It’s inevitable that all couples will go through it. And when you add needy children that expect to be fed, bathed and nurtured every day to the relationship cocktail, the chances that sex is going to take a backseat for certain periods of time is almost completely unavoidable. The question is, how long is too long?

  • Dr. Dick on Demand! Liberating that Big Ol' Bottom Within

    So—you’ve finally decided to become a B.O.B. (Big Ol’ Bottom)? Tired of missing out on all that ass-play everyone’s talking about? Been secretly tripping on the exploits of your favorite porn stars? (“Jeez, would ya get a load of that—his hole looks like the Victory Arch in Paris, for God’s sake.”) And now you want a piece of the action for yourself?

  • Bridging the Gap: My Life with an Older Lover

    How do you make a relationship work when the two principals have a significant age gap between them?

  • Sex and the Suburbs: Chips, Dips, Chains, Whips—Exploring BDSM and Kink

    Momma’s got a brand new bag. And it’s full of paddles, floggers, and restraints. It’s time to get your kink on!

  • Guess What, Honey? I’m A Kinky Old Perv!

    So you’ve met the person of your dreams—only you haven’t got around to telling your new honey your dirty little secret...

  • Sex and the Suburbs: The Great Anal Debate

    Okay, moms—take your fingers out of your ears: it’s time to talk about buttsex!

  • Sex and the Suburbs: A Little Experimentation Goes a Long Way

    Necessity is the mother of invention. Why else would there be so many wonderful instruments of pleasure available today if someone somewhere didn’t find them to be just what suits their personal kink?

  • Sex and the Suburbs: The Demystification of the Suburban Mother-Goddess Archetype

    Domestic goddess? Soccer mom? Suburban earth mother? Minivan mommy? This week, we demystify the mother archetype, and get right down to business—having more (and better) sex, that is.

  • Sex and the Suburbs: We Really Need to Talk...

    This week: an open letter to dads, husbands and/or partners, from the mothers who love them but want—or, rather, need—more foreplay).

  • Grand Opening: A Beginners’ Guide to Open Relationships

    Just what is an open relationship, anyway? Let's find out!

  • Sex and the Suburbs: Getting It On without Traumatizing Your Children

    One of life’s inevitabilities as a parent (besides tax credits) is the knowledge that at some point, your kids are going to catch you in delicto flagrante. So—do you cease all sexual activity until they’re 18, or do you invest heavily in Disney? there another option?

  • Warning: Some penises are actually a combination of penises and testicles. I call them “Penisticles”.

    Today's Bloggess column is brought to you by the word...“Penisticle.”

  • Sex and the Suburbs: A Day in the Sex Life of a Suburban Mom

    It’s time to enjoy a glimpse into the world of your typical suburban mom (played by me), and how sex fits (or more appropriately doesn’t fit) into it. It’s not pretty, it’s not glamorous and it certainly isn’t all that sexy. But here it is, stripped down to the bone. It might just look a little familiar…

  • Blind Faith: When Polyamory Doesn't Work Out

    We were drunk the first time it happened. And maybe that’s always how it always goes. A handful of shots, a slow dance, red lipstick.

  • Confessions of an Ex-Virgin: What I Learned about Sex by Not Having It

    One cold November night the year I turned fifteen, I kissed him for the very first time. Seven years and thirteen days later, we finally made love. What happened in between?

  • When Erectile Dysfunction Hits Home

    Or, how NOT to turn your man into a meat dildo...

  • Other Lovers

    Last night I slept with Christian, my ex-husband, for the first time since he became my ex-husband. In so doing, I knowingly exacerbated his feelings for me, opened my own heart back up to him…and betrayed both of our significant others.

  • Would You Like to Swing on a Star? The Hows and Whys of the Swinger Lifestyle

    Are you a swinger, baby? Do you want to be? Swinging has come a long way since the 60s...explore the new swinger lifestyle and decide if it's the place for you.

  • 5 Ways to Ruin Your Sex Life through Communication

    Want to know some great ways to mess up your relationship...or would you rather get some hints on how to prevent it?

  • Marital Arts: Negotiating Sex with Your Long-Term Partner

    Keeping your sex life fresh and exciting is dependent on one crucial thing: communication. From negotiation to fantasy lists, 'as you wish' to anti-fantasy lists, let's take a look at a few of the options out there for better improving your sexual communication skills.

  • An Inside Track to Outercourse

    OUTERCOURSE (n): 1. Sexual activity that does not involve vaginal or anal penetration
    2. a really good time

  • Sense and Sexuality: Harnessing the Magnificent Five to Unleash Ecstasies Untold

    Touch. Sight. Taste. Smell. Sound. Each one plays an important role in sexual arousal, whether you realize it or not...

  • High-Tech Sex: Libido is the Mother of Invention

    Every technological advance mankind has made in all of history has been driven by the desire for more and better sex. Well, maybe not all of them, but chances are you’ve heard that before, and there’s a reason why. In fact, many technologies were created to enhance our sex lives, and the ideas behind them are way older than you’d think.

  • Play Fair and Share Your Toys: Your Guide to Toying With a Partner

    You like sex toys. Your partner likes sex toys. So how can you enjoy them together?

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