Advice » Dating & Relationships: "Women are not the victims"

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Women are not the victims
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In the dating game, women nowadays seem to be reaping feelings of entitlement and are left bitter and underwhelmed by their selection pool. Let's put ourselves in the man's shoes for a minute.


Contributor: scootersjewel

I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, I was the model type pretty girl that was not the chosen over the pretty plain janes. I found myself sitting home many a night alone or when out with the girls, I was always the one left at the table alone. I found that men were scared to talk to the pretty girl because they hate to be rejected or felt that they would never stand a chance with a woman like me. I made my mistakes and married a man who only wanted a trophy wife because I thought that was all I could get. I finally wisened up and now I have that perfect quiet gentle man of my dreams who treats me like a queen. Great article. I really loved it!



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