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Em & Lo’s Relationship Compatibility Test: Five Factors You Should Know About

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Contributor: lol8888

"In other words, we have yet to hear from a woman whose boyfriend doesn’t approve of her porn habit."

i am that woman!
my boyfriend hates that i watch porn..eventhough HE watches porn.
he is insecure that he doesn't do it for me and he definitely won't allow us watching porn together!

its kind of amusing..and definitely not the first boyfriend i've had who was not cool with us watching porn together.

Contributor: Illusional

My boyfriend is a bit insecure about me watching porn. He feels he's really ugly and it drives him insane to think I'm daydreaming about this guy, when I'm really not.

Contributor: Grymmoire

I'm happy to say my girlfriend and I are pretty much on the same page with all of these. We both find porn ridiculous (lesbian porn is obviously made with straight men in mind). We're both pretty kinky and open to trying new things. We both have libido's through the roof. Neither one of us really has a jealously issue. Although I will admit I do have to work on my communication skills a bit, in the past I just got used to being ignored so I just never really said much; not gonna work in this relationship. XD