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Googling The One Who Got Away

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Before Facebook, MySpace, Google, et al, the “one who got away” (OWGA) was rarely more than a passing daydream — or a handy bit of masturbation material.


Contributor: Pleasure Piratess

So true. So well put!!

Contributor: authorzero

Interesting article. I was the OWGA for someone. We kept in touch a little over the years, but we didn't talk often. She finally confessed it all a few months ago, She came to visit, we hooked up, we've been carrying on a long-distance relationship, but she was still kind of with her boyfriend. The point is, she acted on it and it's been both amazing and kind of a mess at the same time. As much as I care about her, and as much as I want things to continue, sometimes I wish it never happened just because of the mess with her boyfriend who she doesn't seem to want to leave.

I guess the point to this rambling story is, it really can be great to find that OWGA, and you might really hit it off, but there can and often will be consequences for everyone involved. People really need to think long and hard before taking that step.

Contributor: Chefbriapink

This is so very true