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My Not-So-Funny Valentine

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Dateless? Don’t sulk. Buy yourself an Oreo cheesecake, a pair of shoes or a night at the girly bar and count yourself lucky this stuff isn’t happening to you.


Contributor: reggie50

I too despise V-day. This past Tuesday, there is a resident in my apartment building (older man who thinks he's got game) kept knocking on my door for several days. I put a sign on the door saying "Do Not Disturb." That didn't matter. I was on the phone talking to a friend of mine and he started knocking on the door. I tried to ignore him and he said, I know you are in there. I opened the door and shouted WTF do you want. I told him that there is a sign and he said I told you that I have something to give you and I told him he had nothing I wanted and to leave me alone..

He actually shoved this V-Day card under the door and it was addressed to my wife. How disgusting.

Contributor: reggie50

BTW, tequila shots and chocolate made my day.

Contributor: iwantyouwantingme

I love the woman who only buys her husband porn and does it doggy style. I think she is my hero...



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