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Depression and its affect on the partner
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Depression does not just decrease sexuality, sometimes it can increase it. I will tell you about my personal experience with hypersexuality and how my partner was affected.


Contributor: VanillaFreeSex

i am sorry to hear that you suffer from depression and that it affected your relationship in such a way. in my experience partners have had the opposite "i want to comfort you" even when it came to sex. and truthfully sex is a great anti-depressant at least momentarily. sex is a way for me to get a break from depression. hypersexuality can also be a symptom of bipolar. and it can also be caused by ssri's. tho with ssri's i question if it's a direct correlation or more indirect...i suffered from lack of sex drive due to depression...within 3 weeks of ssri i had the sex drive i had lost for 10yrs.



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