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SexIs Subjective: Sex Sells on Halloween
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Halloween as a sexual holiday for adults can be a good thing but not everybody wants to participate.


Contributor: K101

I just love your honesty here, and I happen to fully agree with you! Nice. I didn't know any other person on earth felt the same way as I do. I too was on the hunt for costumes just two days ago with our 13 year old, and in hopes of finding something kind of fun and cute for my partner and I. I really was considering being something a little fun this year, but I'd forgotten how impossible it was to find a nice, fun, and meaningful costume! I was searching and I seen a costume for Monster High that was very revealing, and it is for children. I remember commenting in front of the 13 year old, that's how shocked I was. Ridiculous that society is trying to sexualize even our babies these days!

Anyways, sorry to rant. I ended up empty handed for an adult, appropriate costume for me as well. I said if I do end up wanting to be something, screw it! I'll make my own! Lol. I'd love to have costumes available for us adults that are neat, fascinating and totally appropriate. Like I said in another comment, I might actually want to be a super hero, but unfortunately, nobody realizes that a female can be a super-hero without her ass being the part that holds any super-powers.

I mean if I want to have myself a sexy costume, great! They can be totally fun, and I do own one, but it's kept strictly in the bedroom. Halloween is really for the kids in my opinion and I will never take that fun night away from them by dressing like a slut just in hopes of putting the attention on my body. No fun and it's not cool. I think when it comes to adult, inappropriate-dressing, we should save that for some other occasion that's strictly for adults and not try and take away from the kids.

Contributor: SneakersAndPearls

I couldn't agree more. The other day, a friend pointed out some costumes to me. They were the same character, but one was for toddler boys, the other was for toddler girls. The boy one was cute. The girl one was... well, inappropriate.

Contributor: Hubby80

Great article



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