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Avoiding the Fire

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Oftentimes people will refer to their love or sex life as being “on fire”. I’ve used this same saying when describing an out of control fight.



Some people say all couples fight. I have not fought with my partner (yet). We have been together roughly three years. We have gotten mad at each other, but never a full blown fight. I think we are quick to realize that fighting does not solve anything in our lives. HOwever, of course sometimes aging causes a lack of understanding sometimes. We will see.


Heh I had an almost fight with my partner about who pays what in the Screen Actor's Guild...neither of us is an actor and we're not likely ever to ya I know exactly what you mean about little disagreements blossoming into knock down drag outs. Finally our partner, ever the pragmatist, pointed out in his ever so droll way that we sounded like two idiots arguing over something that is worse than meaningless. We both agreed and then we decided to take out out stress on some computer monsters. Said partner just shook his head and went to lay down for a bit (they both have whooping cough so we understood).
Great advice here though on how to stop an argument your heart knows is wrong.


It sucks when you are all ready to communicate and compromise and your partner just sits there with his arms crossed refusing to give even a little. You know the situation, where you apologies for you part and your partner instead of doing the same or at least thanking you for your apology actually says that he DOESN'T accept your apology? What the hell do you do then? I think your article shows honesty and maturity- both attributes that I admire.


Great article, thank you


While the whole article is good, I find the third last paragraph to really show an unusual understanding of the issue; most people never even thing this far ahead in any arguments they have.Thanks for articulating the whole problem & recommending a well thought out plan of dealing with this!



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