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Makeup-Breakup-Repeat: Facebook Style

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We all know at least one couple that sticks to the pattern of breaking up, making up, and repeating. Heck, I’ve even had a relationship (or two) in the past that followed this pattern. It was pretty ridiculous and pointless. Now that we’ve got social media websites like Facebook, it seems that these couples are making their personal dramas public for all to see. Seriously, I’m like, “what the eff?”



Great article and SO true! I dated a guy like this once, ok, well maybe like 20 times if you count how many times he ended our FB relationship! FB to me just fuels the drama!


Very True


Too funny! Glad I'm too old to have had to deal with crap like that!


Oh lord this sounds similar to someone I know. We always say that her FB is the best Soap Opera. The best part is she is constantly blocking and unblocking not only boyfriends but also friends who only crime was voicing concern for her ever jumping from one bad relationship to another. The absolutely most immature twenty-four year old I have ever met, sad part is she has three kids and yet 95% of her waking life is devoted to this drama.



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