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Cyber Sex Part Two

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Do your fingers freeze up at the keyboard trying to figure out what to say during cybersex? Can you think of anything besides mmmmmmmm....or oh yeah baby. Unable to find anything on the internet I have gathered some examples that I would like to share with you.

  What gets you off?

Is it about any fetishes? Take advantage of any fetishes you are aware of. Where do you aim the camera? What do you say and do? Your goal is to turn them on. Have a good time.

For example, if your partner has a foot fetish (which you are likely aware of if you met through a fetish site), then by all means give them a good view of those sexy tootsies. What do you say? It depends on the extent of their foot fetish. It could be more of a stockings and heels thing. Or it could be the ever so popular foot job fantasy.

Is it about the visual? In which case you better get the webcam out! Is it all about watching and being watched? Close ups are always good but be sure to show the excitement on your face as well. I love a cumshot, but I also love to see someone’s face when they are cumming. Mix it up a bit.

Is it about the words? There's tender and soft or there's rough and nasty. What words get each of you off? Keep an open mind. This is a great opportunity to find out what does and does not work for you.

Put it all together. The sight of you getting off with the sound of your voice saying those dirty words as your breath quickens from excitement. Let her see you stroking your hard cock, eyes glued on her. Tell her your close, that you’re about to cum. Tell her where on her body you want to cum.

  Say what?

Find out what’s off limits. Respect all boundaries. Don’t kill their hard on.

Some words that may or may not go over well:

Daddy’s girl

Otherwise go for it!

"Show me that pussy!
There you go, spread those lips for me, open your legs wide"

"Like this?"

"Yes, good, now Show me how much you want this cock (camera zooms in to hard cock)
Good girl
My hungry little cumslut
Such a good girl for me
Tell me how much you want it (notice the steering into the scenario of his choosing)
I want your cock so bad. I want it in my mouth. I want to feel your hard cock hitting the back of my throat”

D/S examples:

Yes Sir, Master, Mistress, Miss
Please Sir
Thank you
May I...
(Notice a trend here?)

Often there is an understanding that the sub may not cum without the Dom’s permission. They also expect to be addressed a certain way. If you are typing then be sure that you capitalize any word referring to the Dom. Any words referring to sub are to be lower case.

Doms have a pride of ownership. Allowing him or her to lay claim to your body can be a big turn on.

“Do you know who that pussy belongs to?"

"You, Sir?"

"Yes, mine and only mine; for my use, my pleasure, as I see fit!"

  That's it for today.

In part one, we talked about how to find the right play mate for online sex. Today, we focused on examples of what to say. In part three, I'll be talking about pros, cons, and the emotional pitfalls that may come up unexpectedly.


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