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Keeping it Fresh in a Long-Distance Relationship

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As the summer nights grow hotter, many people bristle at the added body heat of their partner, but for many college students, among other people, it’s the absence of their heat that stings far worse. This is the season for long distance relationships, as couples leave college and return to their respective homes for the summer. Months apart can be daunting. To survive this time apart there are many “Dos and Don’ts” each person should consider.


Long distance relationships can be very difficult at times. It can be frustrating for- b+oth involved parties. This article contains very useful advice on how to maintain and even spice-up a long distance relationship!


The last line was just stupid. 'Don't get into a LDR..." After my husband and I were married, he moved for nine months for work training, and I followed after my Guiding year (GGC) was complete. Similarily, I moved to our hometown for two months this Spring, while he stayed in our current town. LDMarriage works fine for us. After such a well written, informative article, this line ruined it all!!


I agree, I didn't care for that last line, at all.

I was truly enjoying the article until I got to the last line.. Ruined the article for me, as well.


To add to why I don't like the last line -- you don't choose who you fall in love with. It just happens. If you happen to fall in love with someone that's far away, what can you do about it? Telling a person "don't get into an LDR", is just poor advice in my opinion. If someone falls in love with someone that lives far away, or that has to be away for a period of time, advising them to not get into a long distance relationship may mean that you're advising them to pass up on their chance of love.

It's true that long distance relationships are unpleasant at times. It's certainly true that they can be painful. And yes, they don't always work out. But sometimes? Sometimes they do. And sometimes they're amazing.

I would say that instead of advising people to not get into long distance relationships, that it would be better to advise them to understand the negative aspects of long distance relationships, as well.


SMichelle, I totally agree with your last point.


Since my last line is being debated, I decided to explain the reasoning. I was recently reunited with my girlfriend, two days before the long distance relationship's one year anniversary. Due to school we've spent more of our relationship apart than together. That line was not suggesting that a relationship should end if people must spend significant time apart, or that meeting online doomed a relationship, but rather that everything should be tried to avoid having to separate in the first place. Being apart for that almost year, not to mention four summers, was a horrid experience I wouldn't wish upon anyone. The line was also used by Ted Mosby in a season 1 episode of "How I Met Your Mother."


My husband and I have been apart for several months only seeing eachother every now and then - this was phenomenal read!


My boyfriend and I are 6 months into a 2 year different countries separation. It is incredibly difficult, but I know it will be worth it in the end. It is true that you start to forget little things about your partner. There have been several times in the past few months where I wonder if it is worth it and if it is really love, but I know these doubts are just from the difficulties the long distance relationship causes. Having an end date definitely helps. And we always try to send at least one message to each other a day- even if it is about the mundane things we have been doing. LDR's shouldn't be entered into lightly, but they can be worth it. And if you are doing it with someone you love and communicate well with then you can make it work.


Agreeing with your explanation of your last line there T&A1987, I would not want anyone to fall in a relationship from meeting someone online and not being able to see them for over 4 years! I faced that myself, it was a terrifying experience, yet unfortunately it happens. Thus I believe (in my own opinion) that if it is to happen, it is to happen, the best bet is for people to start planning in advance to help get over all of this. And while I have been in an LDR for over 5 and a half years now, I could say that we cannot chose if it will happen or not, it will happen unfortunately.

Yet I did agree with a lot of your article, honestly I would add a few things, such as karaoke night to those people who like to sing, it is a fun and interesting way to pass a couple hours honestly, especially since you can find a lot of videos on youtube that show the lyrics on screen for a range of songs.

Although your last line has met some debate, you could of worded it a little better. That could have been avoided with adding a slight explanation before dropping that misunderstood bombshell there. Yet to reach that last line and have it fit 100% is easier said than done sometimes.



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