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From Wife to Slave

Kira's Kink
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A month before our six year anniversary, we went from husband and wife to Master and slave. My life shifted gears when I became his, but learning a new dynamic didn't happen overnight like I expected. We've come far in a month, but now more than ever I realize how this is a journey, not a race.



Great job Kira, this is really interesting as I am figuring out the dynamics of my slave relationship. I have been an owner for months now and am working on communication with my girl. I am happy for you and your master!


Thanks so much, Katelyn!


great article! i love how yall communicate via a journal!!


Thanks! We do that and email. lol He works a lot so it helps.


Gah! I tried to go back and link your article in mine, but I can't because it's already published.


I kinda figured that would be the case. Maybe Rayne can do it? Not sure.


A REALLY well written article. A. you articulated perfectly the feelings of being collared and b. I really love the idea of journalling as a couple to communicate. Thank you.


What a great article and well written. Thanks so much.


I like the journaling idea too, my husband and I tried it once, but it was hard to keep up, how do you maintain it?



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