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When A Website Changes It All

Kira's Kink
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We didn't expect our life to be thrown for a loop after having a baby. What we expected even less was for a website to turn it all around for us.



Wonderful job Kira,
This is a great article!


Ya great article, I love this months topic, it's teaching me so much about our community!


Your article was core shaking. My marriage is in shambles after finding my husband on meet up sites talking dirty to random girls and even getting #'s for texting! After a long and heart wrenching talk we discovered we aren't sexually fulfilling our requirements to each-other. I have been buying myself toys on Eden for almost a year and haven't once asked my husband if he would like something or sees something he likes... Guess I have some points for HIM to spend.

TY for your wonderful article.


That was such an amazing article, Kira. I am so proud of you for writing it in a way that touches everyone. I'm almost in the same boat and this article has definitely helped me in a way that cannot be explained. Thank you so much. You are an amazing woman and I am so happy to have you in my life.


Thank you for this article. Very eye-opening!


Wow. Very eye opening!


Wow Kira glad you shared this with us. I am glad things are better now. You deserve it. You are such a sweet person. I miss talking too you too lol.


I love this!




Thank you so much for this article! Very touching!


Great article! Eden changed things a lot for me so I can definitely relate. Glad things are great again for you!


Wow this is such a great article! I'm so happy Eden has helped things become better in your life!



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