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Hot Sex: How to Avoid Heat Stroke in the Bedroom

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“Don’t touch me.” I can be heard using this phrase on a fairly regular basis in the summertime.

  Using the Heat

I know that sexy showers are talked about all of the time, but in talking to my friends I’ve discovered that most people don’t do it very often for a few reasons.

One common reason is that not many average citizens have showers big enough to comfortably have sex in the shower and/or they aren’t quite skinny enough to make it work in their standard tub/shower. A second reason is that having sex under water can make it difficult to use condoms comfortably. Finally, a lot of people I’ve talked to, just don’t want to. Maybe they tried it once and decided it wasn’t for them, or maybe they just don’t like the idea of having sex where they clean themselves every day.

So here are my suggestions for making it work. For starters, sexy showers, don’t have to include sex. When it’s hot and humid, literally shower together. Wash the sweat off of each other with a loofah under water that is only mildly warm. You’ll bring down your body temperature, get clean, and being naked together will lead to an increased libido. (Maybe not scientifically, but if the sight of your partner naked doesn’t get you going I can’t help you.)

Once you’re squeaky clean and horny as hell, towel each other off and go have sex in your favorite place. (Warning: You may want another shower after this.)

Go for a Swim
But not at the local pool.

If you are anything like me, nothing will kill your sex drive faster than a bunch of squealing kids chasing each other with water guns and you getting caught in the cross fire! Instead, look for an isolated area at a local lake or creek. In our hot and humid area they are not too hard to find. If you aren’t familiar with any just ask around.

(Hint: Tell people you are looking for a quiet hike near water. That will go over better than letting them know you’re looking for a place to get busy with your partner.)

The water in these places is generally cooler than pools due to the fact that they are surrounded by cool ground rather than cement. Go for a dip to cool off (maybe sans swimsuit?), and have sex on the shore, or in the water whatever floats your boat (get it?).

Afterward, when you’re all hot and sweaty, take another dip to cool off before packing it in, or just make a day of it! Pack some drinks and snacks and swim all day, with multiple breaks.

Morning Sex
If you’re someone who normally reserves sex for later in the day, try having it in the morning instead. It’s generally much cooler in the morning and you won’t be exhausted from a long day in the heat.

If you are like me and are not usually ready for sex as soon as you wake up in the morning, try setting an alarm early. You can have your coffee, brush your teeth whatever you want, then hop back in bed for a little pre-work nookie.

Keep in mind there are other benefits to sex in the morning! A) You’re awake by the time you get to work. B) You will be horny (possibly all day) and will likely want it again in the evening.

Ditch the Bed
Finally, often times, your bed or large pieces of furniture can turn your natural body heat against you. Just think about the way your bed or an arm chair get warm after you’ve been sitting in them for a while. Needless to say they aren’t cooling you off.

Consider having sex on hard surfaces that are under fans. Have a big coffee table or maybe a large desk? Utilize different areas in your house when you’re feeling randy. By not pressing your bodies into furniture that absorbs your heat, you will be more likely to get hot from the sex, than the actual heat.

So these are just a few things I’ve tried that really work for me. Because I don’t want to deny myself or my partner sex just because of the weather! What are your favorite summertime sex rituals?

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